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Where do I want to place the in-line fuse from the charge controller to the battery?
(10-28-2017, 07:07 AM)jacks18614 Wrote: By adding a fuse between the controller if the fuse blows it will close that connection resulting in a fried controller when the solar panels start to produce voltage/amperage.

It would actually open the connection, not close it, and the fuse there is a safety device, in case the controller had a massive failure shorting the input, or wires downstream get shorted to each other or the vehicle frame or body.

Emphasis again on SAFETY. It is MUCH better to prevent burned up wires and a burned down vehicle than to worry about a 'fried' $100 controller. Large batteries store a LOT of energy and we ignore that at our peril.

Here is an example of scorched and burned wires that were on a battery WITHOUT a fuse:


Had this temporary battery harness, which accidentally got shorted about 2 weeks ago and burst into flames, been in close proximity to wood or blankets or anything flammable, it could have been really bad!

And some (maybe most) solar controllers, including all four of mine, are NOT damaged by loss of battery connection. I can't say that all are protected, but at least some controllers are.
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