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A Women's RTR!
After hearing feedback at the Women's Meetings during previous RTRs (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous), and after reading several requests in this forum for a women's get together, we are offering a Women's RTR.  So, after attending the main RTR from January 11th to 21st, continue to camp with other women from the 22nd to 24th.

Although I'm still working out many of the details, here are several ideas that will focus our time together:

Bob and I consider the Women's RTR an extension of the regular RTR.  That is, the Women's RTR will explore topics of specific interest to women rather than repeating seminars that were covered earlier during the main RTR.

If you are experienced in the vandwelling lifestyle, we want you there.  If you are a newbie, we want you there.  Like the regular RTR, this will be a time to learn, share your experiences, and build community.   If you are a woman, you are welcome regardless of your vehicle or full-/part-time status.

We will have lots of opportunities to get to know and learn from each other informally – morning coffee/tea, and evening potlucks.  Based on comments from the previous years' Women's Meetings, this is the most requested addition.

We will have one or two formal meetings.  They will be panel discussions with women role-models from within the vandwelling community.  Note: This is in addition to the two Women's Meetings during the regular RTR which are tentatively scheduled for each of the two Fridays at 2pm.

The two topics of interest that have come up year after year at the RTR's Women's Meetings are: 1) Safety, and 2) Personal hygeine (bathroom/shower).  So, we will try to cover those issues in-depth and from the variety of perspectives represented on our panels.  Neither of these issues have a one-size-fits-all solution within the vandwelling lifestyle.

After the Women's RTR, some women may elect to travel together, or camp together elsewhere (as our 14-day limit will have been reached at the RTR location).

The rules for the main RTR hold true throughout the Women's RTR as well (see Bob's YouTube video or website).  Additionally, to create a safe space where women may express themselves freely, please no video/audio taping or photos during the Women's RTR.

In my initial planning conversations with other vandwelling women, additional topics and activities have come up.   So, I'm asking those of you who will be joining us, is there anything else you would especially like us to focus on (beyond safety, personal hygiene, and topics covered during the regular RTR)?  Here are some possible ideas:

- How to do arts and crafts on the road (although the RTArtCamp during the main RTR may suffice),
- Mentoring after RTR. Matching up an experienced vandweller with a newbie for a short period of time (e.g., one week),
- How to pitch a tent properly whether it's a privacy tent or a sleeping tent,
- How to set up a budget,
- How to pay down existing debts,
- How to do basic vehicle maintenance: use a compressor to air up a tire, check tire pressure, and check the oil etc.,
- Meal planning for one and cheaply,
- Safe food storage when you don't have a full size fridge,
- How to find places beyond Quartzsite for laundry, water, trash, ice, etc.,
- Map reading when finding places to camp,
- Or, what else?

Whew!  That's a lot for you all to think about.  I hope to see you there and look forward to spending some dedicated time with like-minded women. Stay tuned as the time draws nearer and this all starts really coming together.

Suanne ... living the vandwelling lifestyle with a Prius (part-time since '09, full-time since last December)
Solo travel in a Prius --
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What a fabulous idea! Thank you Suanne and Bob!!
'93 Club Wagon (Juanita) & AbuelaLoca (Belinda)

All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay
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Very cool! Count me in! I made it to AZ from NY and will be at the RTR, my first!
"Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame." ~ Erica Jong
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Sounds great! I’ll be there.

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This is exciting!  If I can make the RTR I'll definitely be there (hey I made Denver just had mechanical issues all the way...but that's over half way there, right?!).
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Sounds good to me !
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Big smile on my face. ;-)
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Suanne, wow, you outdid yourself. Bob too. Some very helpful topics there, how about how to work with basic power tools? This is the last RTR I will have to miss, but just want to say...
Party on!
“Who has not felt the urge to throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence." -John Muir
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Totally Epic! 
I'm in !! I've been skirting the Vamping ( van camping) life for 8 years..However only now. With retirement am I able to truly be on the road full time without relying on friends yards. Etc.
The topics match my concerns as well..I'm not a cook ( make a dang good wrap or Sammi) however sometimes it's all not my thing so meal planning will be so helpful.
I do quite a bit of craft-ish kind of a hippie .. love my tyedye and make jewelry and other things ..I work with copper alot ..I'm also a retired FCC Radio DJ..and Hair Stylist..
I am very open to give you gals some short cuts and how too's on hair cuts and care and color.
I can also help out should any of you want to start up your own radio blog I am not super experienced as far as some stuff goes.. however if you are a woman want to have your own voice however you would like the privacy of radio rather than the visual.. I can help you set that up !!
Spark..The Shift Chick
The Shift Chick
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