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DIY Exhaust-powered greywater evaporatator sketch
The  I plan to build an exhaust powered greywater evaporator that can take advantage of the hot exhaust from a generator and the prime mover. I drew up a simple design that is easily scaled. One can stuff stainless steel wool, old aluminum window screens or other metal mesh to maximize greywater evaporation through surface area. In hot and dry places, a large fish tank bubbler can evaporate off the greywater. Paint the Evaporator black for extra evaporation on sunny days. 

The exhaust pipe towers like a chimney, releases the stinking water vapor above everybody's heads and open first story windows. 

With this system, I'll have space for almost twice as much freshwater (I can get away with a minimal amount of greywater capacity - like a 4/1 fresh-to-grey ratio), and save what can add up to hundreds of hours of my life over the next decades dividing the number of trips to the dump station.

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I dont think its the best idea for a grey water disposal system. I wont say its impossible. I think there could be a few drawbacks mainly depending on what ends up in your grey water. 

1. I'd think the boiling greywater would stink.
2. You're going to have lots of particles (food, soap residue, etc.) that don't evaporate. Your reservoir will eventually become an unholy mess.
3. I don't know that the heat from your exhaust pipe is going to be hot enough to boil the water in a reservoir like that.

If you were dead set on having your grey water disposed of through an exhaust system. You might be better with a design that drips the grey water straight into the exhaust pipe. the exhaust then would blow out any undesirable food particles. The water particles would be smaller allowing them to have more time to evaporate along the course of the exhaust pipe. You could also turn the drip off from the grey water system when you don't want a cloud of white smoke billowing from your van.
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What's the point of going to all that trouble? I must be missing something here.
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Debit always comes up with a different way of seeing things. The concept is not new of course, I believe itwas Barth motor homes that used the exhaust to get rid of the grey water.
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reminds me of incinerating toilets!
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It is good to think outside of the box. That's how new things are created.
-My advice is always worth what you paid for it.
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(11-01-2017, 01:03 PM)mr_elijah_gardner Wrote: It is good to think outside of the box. That's how new things are created.
     ... my cat used to say the same thing ...

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If your grey water doesn't have junk in it, this may work. Our gray usually has food particles and soap scum that I would think could build up over time. Maybe you could have a burnout cycle.

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if you try the straight evaporation method you will be left with scum. that scum is going to start stinking to high heaven after a couple of days and it's going to draw flies and scavengers. remember bears are scavengers. you are not supposed throw this scum in the trash until it's dry. with the exhaust burn you will have to inject it down stream of the catalytic convertor and the O2 sensors by this time the exhaust is not hot enough to cause instant evaporation. therefore the pipes are going to rot way before their time and the scum will not burn and it will build up in the pipes. another point in areas where you must contain gray water these are not going to fly because they want to see a gray tank. highdesertranger
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Step 1. Radically reduce water use. We don't need nearly as much as we think we do.
Step 2. Scrape/wipe all the food scraps out of dishes and into the trash instead of into the water
Step 3. Biodegradable soap -- and we don't need as much of that as we think we do either
Step 4. Toss the gray water
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