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Super cheap truck camping
Not that this is a long term option but it got me out west and back safely and comfortable. Found a square tube that fit into my hitch, mounted a vertical pole to that and ran a rope from the pole forward to a bridle that attached to my tow hooks. Strapped a tarp over the top with some good sleeping bags and it was more than adequate for myself and the girl I was traveling with. Took about 10 minutes to setup and a few more to take down and fold up.

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You better keep that one, the girl I mean!!

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^^^ haha, no lie! Smile
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I like that idea!   ^^^^^^^^What they said about the lady^^^^^^^

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HA! That one got away. My fault though.
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(11-02-2017, 10:05 PM)gsfish Wrote: You better keep that one, the girl I mean!!

Big Grin
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A hunting buddy of mine did a tarp setup but a little different.  He used 3/4" PVC pipe. He ran it up from the stake pockets about 5 feet and put a 90 on top to run a pipe across to the same set up on the other side. He did that in all 3 pockets and put a tarp across it. The tarp was quite long so he ended up with a 5' covered patio in the back.
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