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Adoption from Shelter When You Are "Homeless"
I am considering adopting a dog from a shelter.  Since I don't have a "forever home", I'm not sure what the reaction will be at the shelter.  Will I be able to adopt without a physical address?  Advice?
Sadly, the majority will not. I looked for a long time before I found one that did. So my advice is to be diligent looking, but ask right away if they will do it, no use in wasting your time if they won't let you have a dog.

I know it sounds weird, but I think it all happens just when it should. I found the perfect dog for me and they were delighted to let me have him!
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Gypsy Peripatetique (11-04-2017)
The Wake County, North Carolina, shelter is full so they are adopting animals out for free. I know people in Wake County who would let you borrow their address.

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Vesper (11-06-2017), Gypsy Peripatetique (11-04-2017)
It's ironic because it's literally the best life you could give a dog. You're there like they need all day, plenty of play, plenty of exercise. Such a stupid shame.
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Maybe they figure some of us would BBQ our Fido in a pinch.
If you're in a place where you have a friend or relative, ask if they would go in with you, and do the adoption if you find the right pet. Then they just turn over the animal to you.
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Gypsy Peripatetique (11-06-2017)
They make adopting a dog ridiculously hard. I had a fenced in yard when I adopted mine and told a few rescues where they could stick it. Finally found once with much more reasonable requirements.

If I ever do another rescue I'm just going direct to a high kill shelter where you can pull one out no questions asked. My brother got his dog at one in Georgia and they couldn't have been happier to give him one.
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We got a Maine Coon Cat for my mom from Craig's List. It worked out great. Search free dog just to see what pops up. Many reasons for needing to pass a pet on to a new family. Just an example...

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I was in communication with a mountain shelter before I left last year, after a few emails I mentioned the trailer and never heard from her again. This was a place just begging people to take the dogs. I started looking at schnauzer rescues and they wanted almost as much for a 8 year old or older dog as I paid for Max. I have had many schnauzers before, the medical bills start right around 8 years old.
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Gypsy Peripatetique (11-06-2017)
I think they take on a sort of narrow-minded bureaucratic mindset. Their standards are set, and it kinda fits in with the "American Dream (official version)" where you need to have 2.5 kids, a picket fence, two cars, and a mortgage... fill out an adoption application, submit to home visits by doggie "social workers", and maybe we'll let you adopt one of these critters instead of euthanizing them.

While I understand their position (one size fits all rubberstamp life, anyway), when I was an animal control officer, we sent a lot of pups to their doom... I had to quit because I just couldn't stomache it.

Craigslist and other resources will have lots of pets looking for homes. If you don't have an official "American Dream (official version)" address, you should easily be able to find someone there to rescue.
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