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Are you really happy as a nomad?
It appears most people who post on youtube and other forums are exceedingly happy with the life. What say you? Do you think most are pleased with the choice or that there are a significant number of people who think they made a bad choice.
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Some people suggest trying it out part-time if you're unsure.
Exclamation And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. — Abraham Lincoln
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vanman2300 (11-07-2017)
I was at my happiest the 14 years I was on the road before having to settle down to do elder care etc. for almost a decade...sigh!

Now that I'm back on the road again, I can tell you that it will take one hell of a big problem that I can't solve any other way before I ever voluntarily settle down again. I will do everything in my power to never have to live a stationary life ever again.

I just finished a stint of a month living in a house and aside from having all kinds of problems with my new DIL that we won't get in to here (it would be a long, long post  rant.... Big Grin Big Grin Rolleyes ), I couldn't wait to get out of that house and get back to living in my van. I breathed the biggest sigh of relief when I parked that first night...this is home!!

I am thankful every day for my  home on wheels and my freedom!
Worry is a misuse of imagination!
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Full-timer again as of November 24, 2015 - 14 glorious years on the road before that!

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dawnann7 (12-02-2017), FlowerGirl (11-15-2017), JohnnyGringo (11-12-2017), BigT (11-07-2017), waldenbound (11-07-2017), vanman2300 (11-07-2017), bullfrog (11-07-2017), gsfish (11-06-2017), JustACarSoFar (11-06-2017), Cammalu (11-06-2017)
You have to talk the youtube personas with a grain of salt. The vast majority of those channels show only the best few minutes of each day in that person's life. Most of it is staged, not real at all. So their "happiness" may not necessarily reflect their real every-day life. My own blog included.

It varies for each person of course, but I am much happier now then I ever was before I started traveling.
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frater secessus (12-13-2017), FlowerGirl (11-15-2017), S.IX:Phoebe (11-13-2017), deadwood (11-07-2017), vanman2300 (11-07-2017)
We are extremely happy but guessing whether other people are happy just from youtube videos or forum posts is an impossible task. About half a dozen people whom we consider good friends are fulltime vehicle dwellers and they are all happy with it. Most of the fulltimers that we've met at the RTRs seem to be happy too.

On the other hand, it's definitely not the life for many people. Anyone who is hesitating should try it out for several months before giving up their stationary ties. It's also a good idea to have an emergency sum of money set aside in case it doesn't work out. Don't get stuck in a situation where you do not have a choice. If you find that you do not enjoy it, part time vandwelling or fulltime stationary living should always be an option.
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sassypickins (11-19-2017), FlowerGirl (11-15-2017), vanman2300 (11-07-2017)
many peoples whom blogs I started following 5-6 years ago are not on the road anymore. Guess they needed perspective...and that's a-ok. it's about freedom to find that.
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FlowerGirl (11-15-2017), vanman2300 (11-07-2017)
Yes, I'm very happy and coming up on three years now. Freedom, nothing else like it.
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"I was surprised mermaids were in fresh water too. I really must keep more open of a mind or I may someday lose track of reality. 

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JohnnyGringo (11-12-2017), vanman2300 (11-07-2017)
A major difference is in the word choose, if you choose the lifestyle it makes sense you can also un-choose. Some people have no chance to un-choose when the ties are cut and they drift away they should remember to bring a paddle I suppose some people buck up and don't wanna own the fact they can't handle full time but are really trying, i feel for them. Like being lost
I am not full-time for various personal reasons and I honestly do not know how I would honestly react.
2015 RTR
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sassypickins (11-19-2017), vanman2300 (11-07-2017)
I'm having the time of my life. Smile

But of course van-traveling is not some magical escape from real life with unicorns and chocolate fountains. Indeed, much of van life is the same boring drudgery of day to day living: I still have to wash up, do laundry, make a living, and cook dinner---but now I do all that in a space that is smaller than the average prison cell. The flip side though is that I get to travel to lots of cool places, stay there as long as I want, and then go wherever else I feel like going.

So I think whether one is happy in van life depends a lot open whether one was happy to begin with. If you are trying to escape from a bad or unhappy life, van-traveling will probably not help you do that. Most of our problems are inside our head, and we take ourselves with us wherever we go. (Or, as Buckaroo Banzai put it so well, "Wherever you go, there you are.") No matter how fast we run or how far we roam, we can't escape ourselves.

EDIT: I think the key word though is "choice". It's a good lifestyle if one has the resources to make it work, if one CHOOSES to live in it, and if one always has the option to exit if necessary. If one is forced into it by bad circumstances and has no CHOICE (being homeless, being poor, divorce, layoff, etc etc etc) then it can be an awfully shitty life.

Living in "Ziggy the Snail Shell" since May 2015
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Thanks for all the responses so far. I've been following many different blogs, vlogs, etc for at least 2 years as I mull over a nomadic life. I'm on the cusp of taking the leap. Things have alligned for me as best they can in terms of family responsibilities, timing, and means to reach retirement without hardship.

The big question is whether it will be what I hope the lifestyle to be based on my observations of others in that life now. Its just that the good and bad aspects of a nomadic life seems to fit me very well and that makes me even more cautious since the worst problems usually arise when things appear just great. And that is the genesis of the question in this post.
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