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Message from forum staff regarding sexual assault
The forum staff (both men and women) wanted to let all members know our stand on the sexual assault being discussed in the Women Only Forum here --

Quote:Please forgive the lack of involvement of the mods and admins, up until now. We've been discussing the issue. Here's what we think.

For the record, we are in the process of getting confirmation with regard to who the person is that harrassed/assaulted the women at Jamie's build out party. When his identity is confirmed he will be told he is not welcome at the RTR.

BLM land is public. It isn't possible to enforce who is allowed to camp in our camp. If he chooses to show up there isn't much that can be done, beyond telling him to leave. Shunning has worked for thousands of years. That seems to be our only option.
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Bob appears to think he has authority over the area of land his camp is on. I disagree. All someone has to say is I am not part of that group, then the only thing that Bob could do is tell the Ranger that person is not part of my group. Bob has zero authority to make rules that supersede BLM rules. Nobody has legal claim to the exclusive use of free public land. A paid group camp area is a different story.
If someone breaks a law, everyone has the right to hold them for authorities, but you need to be sure that a law has indeed been broken.
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katajojo (01-17-2018)
When Bob organizes the event, RTR, then he is the responsible party for the event so yes, he has authority of the area his camp is on. But, if you read the rules they are very simple rules that makes the entire experience enjoyable for everyone. If you can't abide by them then really you probably shouldn't go because you will not have a good time. Also, since Bob has been organizing the event for as many years as he has, if he does have to call the Rangers you can be sure who ever he calls about will be asked by them to leave either under their own power or by what ever effort it takes the Rangers to remove them. Nobody wants this so my recommendation is not try to swim upstream. Go with the flow and have a great time.
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Every woman here needs to know the name of this perp.

We all deserve to be able to protect ourselves....and a guy that does this...yeah..we all need to know his name and handle here.

Imagine when this happens again...and the woman involved was not given the information that could have saved her from this?
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IMO the best way for us to learn the name is to read it on an arrest record. If there is a cost to filing a report I will paypal the funds to cover it.
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Frater. Charges aren't going to be pressed but should have. At the very least he should have been run off from the build. I don't understand why he can't be named here. He is certainly exposed on the other forum.

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I personally dont think naming the person will do much good. In this lifestyle, a picture of their rig I think would be easier to recognize. Easy to see from a distance. Who honestly knows if the name the guy goes by is actually his real name. My name is in my profile, but is that really my name? In the nomad world, its much easier to go by "Joe", than change your rig.

I read that the person will be identified prior the to RTR. I think this is above and beyond the RTR. What about the 2 months until the RTR, or the years following. What about the lady in the tent down the road that is waiting for the RTR? Shouldnt she know that there is a person like this out among our community? I would like to know who the person is as soon as something like this happens. There is first hand reports from the van build of who the person is. There is video of him and his rig. Its a very recognizable setup. I know there is most likely more than one person of this type among the community, but being able to avoid at least one, could be life saving.
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The environment today is very concerning. The news is flooded with black lives matter, sexual assault/harassment, alt right, alt left, and so on. With the internet information, right or wrong, just takes seconds to reach the rest of the wprld and minutes to ruin a life. This is the first I've heard of this incident so I'm holding my judgment until it is sorted out or I find out more information.

My personal stance on all of this turmoil is I plan on never giving any opinion on any hot issues and to never be alone in the company of one other person for even a second. Basically, that's the same stance a school teacher takes in order to protect themselves from false accusations. The legal system takes greater time requiring absolute proof, a jury, and a judge to convict. Public opinion on the other hand takes no time to convict and requires little if any verifiable proof.
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(11-09-2017, 12:14 PM)vanman2300 Wrote: Public opinion on the other hand takes no time to convict and requires little if any verifiable proof.


I've often expressed the opinion that there is always three sides to any story. In this case it's 'his', 'hers' and the truth. Unfortunately, the truth may never be known and even if it was, may not be believed by those who prefer sensationalism.

This is beginning to sound more like a witch hunt than anything else! I thought they were over back in the early 1800s in America.

I'll continue to sleep with my doors unlocked at the RTR, will continue to be with whomever I  please, alone or in groups. 

I refuse to allow any person who claims for any personal reason that the world is a dangerous place out there, to change my way of living life to the fullest I can make it.
Worry is a misuse of imagination!
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This problem has been going on for a couple of hundred thousand years, and not much has changed. And it's not really going to change. Deep down, a few (edited due to unnecessary generalizations) men feel that they have the right to do as they please.

IMO, a combination of behaviors by women could help for women who are camping in groups like this:

1. Be prepared to fight back. Make a point of learning some basic self-defense using just your feet and hands (you won't always have a weapon handy, so don't depend on it).

2. Camp in female groups. Form a square or circle with your vehicles; if it's hot and you're planning on leaving a door or window open, make sure that door or window is facing the inside of the circle.

3. Keep a pair of decent slip-on shoes handy (not stupid flipflops). If the guy is a drunk, you may get the opportunity to put them on and kick the sh!t out of him. If you have a useful weapon, keep it where you can grab it, but not where the perp would see it.

4. Yell or make noise. If he has a hand over your mouth, try to kick your rig or make some kind of noise to arouse the other women. Ask the other women to check on unusual noises.

5. BE SURE to call 911 immediately. Out in the wilderness, law enforcement is said to prefer the GPS in decimal form. It looks like this: 38.8897, -77.0089 When you pull into a spot, check the GPS and write it down on paper, and put it where you can find it fast. If you don't have GPS, ask someone in the area what it is. WRITE IT ON PAPER AND PUT IT WHERE YOU CAN FIND IT INSTANTLY. DO NOT JUST PUT IT ON YOUR PHONE............ Calling the law doesn't guarantee much. Even if he got convicted, the chances are poor that he will get anything more than a 14-day suspended sentence and a pat on the head. It MIGHT make him reconsider being such an AH, but I wouldn't guarantee that. But it will leave a trail for future victims, and might be adding more information to an existing pattern.

6. Don't even BOTHER to go to some other human and tell him to do something. That is nothing but an effing waste of time. YOU are SOMEONE. YOU DO SOMETHING

Mod note:
I took the liberty of editing this post due to the generalizations made. .
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