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I searched the forums and didn't see much posted about the website Couchsurfing.  I used to use it relatively often when I was traveling in Asia and Australia, but have never used it since I returned to the US. Wondering if anyone has had much luck using the website/community for RV/van travel?

For those unfamiliar, it's a community, where members stay with one another for free when traveling, often 'surfing' their couches or any available space. It's a great way to travel cheaply and meet like minded, frugal and free-spirited travelers. I would imagine many would have a spot to park and would be a nice way to also have access to Internet, a shower, insider info on towns and such. 

The website is:
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there is a website here for that, I believe it's "Boondockers welcome" or something like that. there are a couple others I believe. highdesertranger
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Used couch surfing once in Oceanside, California. Very nice marine vet, tho... super super conservative so that got really annoying. He had a condo, he just let us come and go as we pleased for a couple days.
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I don't advertise on couchsurfing mostly because I've heard horror stories of not so good people using it in the big cities, but I get a lot from : wikicamps(app) there are a few others, but free campsites seems to have a lot of places you can park for free with services and such.
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