I have typing disappear.   I have the entire post disappear.

Suddenly the website does a reload in mid post...everything gone.

What is the problem here?

I wrote a long post on lithium and mppt....took about 15 minutes to compose and organize it...poof...gone!   Grrrrrrr

Is webmaster making changes?
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(11-12-2017, 07:20 AM)RoamingKat Wrote: "I have typing disappear.   I have the entire post disappear.
....took about 15 minutes to compose and organize it...poof...gone!" 

Happens all the time to me.  For longer posts, I now compose on my "notepad" then copy/paste.
Otherwise, long text appears with none of original double spacing, etc.

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dawnann7 (11-13-2017)
I think it times out after a certain period of time, maybe 10 minutes? I like the copy paste idea for that reason as well.

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Editing long text on any web interface sux.

Simplenote is **the** best Notepad replacement, autosave, rollback to previous versions, supports all OSs, good search (tagging / keywords), syncs across all devices, free.
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I've never been able to replicate that problem (in FireFox, IE, or Chrome). There's a few steps I would recommend to try to fix it on your machine:

1) Clear the cache in your browser. Do a google search to find out how. For example, search on "How to clear cache in FireFox"
2) Close your browser down, then bring it back up.
3) Shut down your computer, then bring it back up.

I hope one of those steps help.
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Sounds to me like a server time-out.

Most likely it's on the client end. Hardware or software. 

Try opening multiple tabs on the same forum and see if that keeps it connected. 

You can also try opening another tab on a website that keeps the browser and website server talking to each other, like a weather page or a youtube page, an audio stream, or almost any social media page. 

See if that helps.
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An accidental Ctrl-R or F5 would do that. Most common way I've seen it done is when touch typing and reaching for Shift-R. If your browser allows keymapping you could remap Ctrl-R and see if the problem goes away.
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Happens to me to, all the time! I hit the backspace/delete and it just keeps going and going and going until the whole post I’m working on is gone!
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This world isn't home (11-27-2017)
Exactly the same here as above. 

I freak out when I see it just backspace on and on and on and on.  Nothing can stop it, (should be a B grade Sci-Fi movie)...
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Cammalu (11-27-2017)
I used to lose a lot of posts until I figured out what I was doing that caused it.

The keyboard on my laptop is set further in than my normal typing position. I was resting the outside edge of my hand on the control key and the combination of it and some other key on the keyboard initiated a total erase.

I don't have a problem now that I use a remote wireless keyboard for typing.

Well , not the same problem anyways...now I have different problems....remote mouse, remote keyboard. Darn thing takes enough space to set up that I might as well be using a full scale PC.... Rolleyes 'Laptop' is a misnomer at this point..... Big Grin
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