There are many causes, many components, systems, lots of moving parts between fingers and saved posts.

#4 is a real solution for all of the problems, including user errors.
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When I'm typing up a long post, which I always try unsuccessfully to avoid, I've gotten into the habit of hitting CTRL-A (select all) then CTRL-C (copy) at regular intervals. This copies all the text to the clipboard (a.k.a. "the ether", or "somewhere out there"), but I don't usually bother to paste it anywhere. I do it often enough that if something does happen to my post, a simple CTRL-V (paste) gets me back to the last "saved" version.

I've noticed some of the other forums I'm on have updated to editors that auto-save drafts. Not only has this feature saved me lots of retyping, but it also lets me type a reply and walk away for a while to think about whether I really want to post what I've typed. Big Grin
What doesn't kill me makes me smarter
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