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Any musicians around?

I haven't left my home base yet but was wondering if there were any musicians who might want to
get together and play some tunes.
I play guitar and do vocals, Classic Country, Country, 50-'s-60's Classic Rock N Roll and Bluegrass.
Have some small amps (space is a premium but I don't need to tell you that).
It would be fun to have some like-minded people to jam with.

Anyway, just asking.
Thanks a bunch!

Happy Old Guy
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I moved your thread to the Hobbies sub forum. please only use the Newcomers corner for intros. there area few musicians here they will chime in. there is always more than a few at RTR. highdesertranger
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I'm in Ehrenberg with mandolin, but Play mostly bluegrass acoustic and some old country. Don' t care for rock or amps.
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Yeah!! I am in Ehrenberg and also am a guitar player. ..vocals are questionable. ...been feeling somewhat musically constipated on account of I have had no one to jam with in quite some time. let me know when you're in the area and perhaps we can hook up. ...the type of music you described is what I enjoy also.

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I'll be leaving on dec 15 and heading to ehrenburg,  should be there by the 20th. I'll  have my guitar, also 2 amps (30 watts), fiddle and a small keyboard. I usually camp away from all the others so the ones that dont like music wont be offended. At RTR in Jan there will be an area for musicans.
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Rico (11-18-2017)
We will be coming to RTR in January, Bob bringing his acoustic guitar, and I will have a few percussion instruments since I don't want to bring an electric bass. We both sing and I also play keyboards. We play classic rock and lite country mostly, although we have been in a band for the past 15 years that plays originals (written by our lead singer).
We will definitely be looking to jam at the RTR... as long as we don't annoy anyone...
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Rico (12-07-2017)

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