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Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act
I do hope that this post is alright for this forum, if not then just take it down and let me know where to post such material please.

I was shown this and was shocked at how many people were not aware of this new regulation. However don't think that some States are going to give up all that Revenue so easily. It might be advisable to copy this and carry it with you. Being charged for use of Public Lands as well as National Forests is a Crime, that is unless you use State improvements. You can not be charged a fee for travelling through or for parking on an unimproved parking area.


(d) Limitations on Recreation Fees-
SERVICES- The Secretary shall not charge any standard amenity
recreation fee or expanded amenity recreation fee for Federal
recreational lands and waters administered by the Bureau of
Land Management, the Forest Service, or the Bureau of
Reclamation under this Act for any of the following:
(A) Solely for parking, undesignated parking, or
picnicking along roads or trailsides.
(B) For general access unless specifically authorized
under this section.
© For dispersed areas with low or no investment unless
specifically authorized under this section.
(D) For persons who are driving through, walking
through, boating through, horseback riding through, or
hiking through Federal recreational lands and waters
without using the facilities and services.
(E) For camping at undeveloped sites that do not provide
a minimum number of facilities and services as described
in subsection (g)(2)(A).
(F) For use of overlooks or scenic pullouts.
(G) For travel by private, noncommercial vehicle over any
national parkway or any road or highway established as a
part of the Federal-aid System, as defined in section 101
of title 23, United States Code, which is commonly used
by the public as a means of travel between two places
either or both of which are outside any unit or area at
which recreation fees are charged under this Act.
(H) For travel by private, noncommercial vehicle, boat, or
aircraft over any road or highway, waterway, or airway to
any land in which such person has any property right if
such land is within any unit or area at which recreation
fees are charged under this Act.
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mert6706 (11-14-2017)
California didn't get the memo. highdesertranger
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From my quick reading this is nothing new at all.

This just lays out in law what is already the case--they can't charge on public land for anything that is not a developed facility.

I don't believe this would change anything anywhere I have been on public lands.
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