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Vintage SM Block vs Big Block
Are Chevy cranks pre-drilled fora pilot bearing? would like to swap my THD400 tranny for a standard 4/5 spd. ..Willy.
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all of the older ones were. sometime during the 90's when they went with a one piece rear main some were not. what trans are you looking at? if you are looking at a NV 4500 you need the bell housing. the bolt pattern where the trans bolts to the bell housing is different then the older trucks. highdesertranger
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(11-13-2017, 08:35 PM)Charlotte\s Web Wrote: OK, but here's the thing:  What I am after is a truck for towing/hauling that is old enough to have absolutely
no brains/electronic systems.  In short, a truck that might still run after a CME/EMP. 

I never understood the desire to have drivability after an EMP
How will you put gas is said vehicle? there will be non.
Regardless, I'll run with your concept and lets build our small block.
1. block and heads: I'll choose pre 72 350, the nickel content have dropped dramatically after that.
2. crank: an aftermarket forged 383 crank
3. rods: 400 forged rods (or H beam) non of that powdered metal crap.
4. Pistons: hypereutectic, moly rings.
5. intake: 4bbl such as an Edelbrock performer or the like. 
6. Exhaust: shorty headers, dual 2.25 pipes, ballance tube
7. Ignition: MSD HEI
8. Fuel: its a personal choice, If I wanted to go carbureted I would choose a 600 Edelbrock reality its no more then a Carter AFB (here is an interesting piece of trivia...What does AFB stand for? Aluminium four barrel)
However, and personally (today) I will go with an aftermarket injection such as the MSD atomic EFI 
9. Trans: as good as the autos are there is no replacement for a good manual, I'll pick a NV4500. (one that had the 5th gear nut worked out)
10: cooling: manual fan, a fully welded aluminium radiator.

Did I miss anything?
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Charlotte's Web (01-23-2018)
"Did I miss anything?"

!No se puede!

Bullfrogs must be the original 'gumshoes'.
Makes for a very sticky situation.
But does the shoe fit?  Not likely, with
two left feet.

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bullfrog (01-23-2018)
Been down with the flu but managed to get a box/camper/topper started for the Jeep J10. 1987 Surburban should be done end of Feb. Seems some posts have disappeared, but like most old men don't really care. Really enjoyed driving my old jeep 900 miles down to Tucson but flu kept me from RTR.
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