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Don't know what I don't know about the desert
Tweezers to take all the goatheads and such out of your dog's paws. I was using my fingers but darn if the dog jerks I get stuck too. My dog's paws are really tough from walking on rocks and such so they will hold the foot up for a couple of steps then drop it back down. Basically they get poked but it doesn't stay in them. After a while the dogs will learn to identify stickers and will circle around them.
And about leaving stuff out. If it's food the critters will get into it no matter how well you zipped the bag. Best place for such is inside a vehicle.
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Cancan (11-14-2017)
(11-14-2017, 12:00 PM)Cancan Wrote: any one that itches or stings. mix with water to paste, apply. I just got a fire ant bite on the inside of wrist, delicate thin skin ...hurt like the dickens for over two hours but I know b.s. helped, applied it right away.

Interesting.  I think ant stings contain formic acid;  perhaps the baking soda was neutralizing it.
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I started out as a suburban ignoramus and have had no desert-specific problems in the four years I've been doing this.

Just remember that all the plants (not just cacti) have something sharp on them and that deserts are dry, not necessarily hot. It could get cold. It could rain. Also, places like the RTR site are covered with a layer of stones called "desert pavement." Ordinary tent pegs are useless. You need something like rebar and a sledge hammer. But the good thing is that you probably won't get stuck if you stay on desert pavement.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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Coyotes will avoid humans but will try to lure away dogs and probably snatch up any wandering cats.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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If the wind blows you will want to close all windows and vents but the dust will still get in !
If you go outside on a windy day a cheap dust mask (and maybe a cheapo pair of swim goggles) will make a lot of difference in your comfort level.
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