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Scared but excited--Buy a camper in Quartzsite?
Huh Hello My dog pippa and I are starting on full time journey at the rubber tramp rendezvou.But we are in need of a truck camper I have a 3500 GMC drw.We live in Pennsylvania and I was wondering if the rubber tramp rendezvous or quartsite Arizona area would be a good place to buy a used truck camper .Can someone recommend  a good brand  and a vender or dealer that is reputable in courtsite.Trying not to make too many rookie mistakes or expensive ones to say the least any help would be greatly appreciated
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while in the winter there are several RV dealers in Quartzsite they are kinda of pricey. over in the Phoenix area is probably better. start checking Craig's list. also in the Mojave Valley/Bullhead City area I see a lot of RV's parked with for sale signs. the is a paper over that way called the White Sheet you can find everything in that. highdesertranger
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The key thing is to be willing to drive to get it. Quartzsite is within 300 miles of the Los Angeles valley, Las Vegas and Phoenix, that's 10-15 million people! So be patient, take your time and do the research to find the best deal. Used is a great idea!! But be careful, sometimes they come out of the factory as crap and the first owner just wants to pass his lemon on to you.
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JimMcBride (11-16-2017)
I believe I'd try and find something close to where you are so you can do a shake out run. Camp close to home and figure out what you'll need to take on a long haul and what might need fixed or modified for your uses. Just my opinion of course and I wish you the best of luck finding your ideal camper.
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Deadhead to Arizona and buy one where the rain and humidity is low. Anything used in PA that is wood framed and was not stored in a barn leaks and is full of toxic mold.
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slow2day (11-19-2017)
Go as light as you can go as new as you can keep it under 1500
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one thing about buying RV's that live in the desert. if they were not stored properly the sun bakes them. a friend of mine bought one once they thought they got a great deal. but upon closer inspection one side of the interior was baked. all the plastic was brittle and within a year it was all broke. even the laminate on the fridge door broke. also the plastic on the outside opposite wall fell apart. obviously the south facing wall. highdesertranger
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There seem to be more in Colorado and Northern Utah especially used.
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I put a checklist for things to understand about buying an RV on this thread. Might come in handy.
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Buying an RV, Travel Trailer, camper, etc. in the Sun Belt, in winter, is like buying skis at the ski resort at the beginning of the season. You will pay too much. You would be better off buying where it's the off season.
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