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Parker? Is anyone here that can advise me on my batteries and solar tomorrow?
I’m at the van build. Was at Lake Havasu and talked to a woman who was the assistant coordinator. I told her I needed advice on my batteries and possibly doing a vent. I helped install an old woman’s solar who left and have really not got into the group thing. I did talk to Jamie and he said maybe someone could help me with my fender but no one has really hit me up.

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It will be a slow process but you could ask questins here. What would be a 10 minute conversation might take two days with posts and replies. It may be slow but it works.
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Maggie, there are a lot of good people there, invest a day chatting with your neighbors and making friends. I am sure you will run into people who will gladly help you, just about half of nomads are battery experts. Ask them about there battery setups, people love to talk about their rigs.
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