Log In Box "off" page
that's weird my log in/out is at the top of the page. where it says,

"Welcome back highdesertranger, you last visited on such and such a date, time(of last visit). then log in/out"

I never use it because I have finger print recognition. Windows 7, Yahoo browser. highdesertranger
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HDR, that works fine if you're not logging out each time you close the browser, which you're not cause you're still signed in!

The kid (who is due to be shot for his tinkering) set things up so that my browser doesn't remember  from one session to the next so every time I close the browser or shut down the laptop it deliberately forgets who I am and I have to log back in each time. Something is set so it doesn't keep cookies...???

Will have to find someone in Ehrenberg who knows how to untinker my system and get it back to where *I* want it, not what the kid thinks I should have..dammit!!
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only takes sec to fix
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