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Autoplay ads on Yahoo
Foiled again.  Two weeks ago I was able to disable Yahoo video ads (that use up my data!) by using the config thing in FireFox and toggling the "media.autoplay.enabled " setting to "false".

It worked fine but now the dang things are back!

Anyone use FF and have tried this?

Also, is there a suggested email service that doesn't have those annoying autoplay ads?

I've been using Yahoo mail for years but may just have to switch.
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I use Yahoo and the only time I get them is on their News Feed. highdesertranger
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Which browser are you using?
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Yahoo. IE 7. highdesertranger
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The Yahoo browser must have a setting for blocking the ads. So maybe Yahoo only torments users of other browsers to try and get us to switch?
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yeah I don't know. I don't recall ever doing anything to stop them. like I said I only get them when I click on a News story and then it's a TV station feed that covers the story. of course there are ads in the feed. most of the time I stop them before they start and just read the story. highdesertranger
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I use "Silent Sound Blocker" for Chrome...even if the stupid ads on Yahoo or elsewhere start, they are blissfully silent. You can whitelist any site, too.
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Ublock Origin (Both FF and Chrom*) is pretty awesome for blocking all kinds of stuff.
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Try this... Once in a while one gets thru but most of the time the ads are not there.
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