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Starting over from scratch
The bus is dead. She will be dismantled and sold off as parts. What is useful will be canabalized for future use.

The house is sold and the disability seems to have worked itself out. I own everything I have and the only debt I carry now is a revolving credit card that I can pay off at will.

My absolute bills right now work out to be less than $500 a month. That is before gas and lodging/camping.

I am now full time in a hatchback Hyundai Accent. I have a roofrack carrier, a one man cot/tent, and the basic nescesaties of life.

I have AM/FM/Salelite, CB, cell booster. Laptop, cell phone/hot spot. Hell, I even have a house batterie, solar panel, and soon some imside wiring for the car and the tent (I sleep with a CPAP).

I am camped in a NF on the Atlantic Coast of North Carolina looking forward to overnight temps above freezing!

The plan is MD, FL, then cross country for a month in LA. From there maybe a trip to the slabs, maybe The RTR, and maybe Skooliepalooza.

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the Skooliepalooza is right next to the RTR at the same time. highdesertranger
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