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Question for the Luggable Loo Users
I hope this is the right section to post this...I'm wondering about the 5 gallon bucket/Luggable Loo method for having a toilet, what is the general legality of dumping one's waste in any old dumpster or public garbage can?
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mnpaul (06-19-2017)
You're dumping hazardous waste. Definitely illegal.

Edited to add:
I didn't mean to come off as being judgemental.I put bags of dog poop in the trash all the time and may in fact put my own waste in a trash bin somewhere at some point in time. 

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It is a biohazard and should never be dumped like that. It is also really unnecessary. If the only thing in it is human waste and toilet paper you can dump it in any toilet. Should not be a problem if you are careful.
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First off, very sorry about posting in the wrong section, moderators. The "going to the bathroom" section escaped my notice until just now... Weak, I know. I just looked through that section and couldn't find any info on this, so...

...back to the question at hand...I guess I don't have a full understanding of how folks use these types of toilets then. How do you dump your Luggable Loo waste in a toilet if it's in a plastic bag? Even if you empty the bag into a toilet, aren't you still left with a "messy" bag to throw away somewhere? And anyway, how is tossing a bag of poop in a dumpster any different from tossing a baby's dirty diapers? Or do parents not do that either? Never had kids, so I don't know...

Not trying to be argumentative -- I just want to understand the process of disposal with this type of toilet solution. Thanks for the insight!
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Legality aside, there is the thinking that, there are millions (billions?) of diapers carrying human waste thrown away in normal trash cans every day across the entire United States (and probably hundreds of other countries).  Nobody tells parents to use a special trash can or put them in special containers, etc.

So the thinking could be, that since it's apparently OK for diapers, why is it not ok for bags out of a luggable loo, etc.

Again, I have no idea the legality of this, and I'm not remotely suggesting that you DO this, but I've thrown away many many diapers in my diaper changing days, in regular old trash cans.  We tried to use cloth diapers, but at some point you kinda give up, it's just a huge PAIN!

I've never ever read or seen a law saying you can't do this.  I'd love for someone to point to statute where it says you can't do this.

With Love,
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This world isn't home (06-20-2017), XFILE36 (05-26-2017)
I guess I just didn't understand about the plastic bag. I was imagining the porta-potti sort of thing, or a 5 gallon bucket.
  My only experience with a 5 gallon bucket was without bags, just a lid when closed and a seat when open. (in use)
 When near the top it was just dumped in a public toilet. A normal toilet took it just fine with no mess. I can see how a plastic bag would change things. Is there some sort of absorbent in the bag to sort of keep things in one place?
  I am very familiar with diapers and diaper bags. There is a big difference between 5 gallons of loose sewage and a large bag of dirty diapers. But since I don't really understand the system I withdraw my comment and will watch for comments by people who use it.
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Well, here I go again. Thanks for bringing this up. It has been a learning experience for me. I did a little research.
  A call to the sanitation district has cleared up a couple things, at least as they pertain to where I am now.
 First the issue of diapers. Disposable diapers contain compounds that help solidify the baby stuff. Their whole design is aimed at containment and the local sanitary district considers disposable diapers to be solid waste. They are perfectly legal in household waste.
  A plastic bag containing human waste is considered liquid waste and, unless it is treated with some sort of absorbent to solidify or gel it, it is not legal in household waste. They do not accept "liquid waste of any sort". When compressed in a collection truck the results are not good. Given that many municipalities sort trash for recycling I can understand this.
 The people who make Luggable Loo offer a gel compound that does that very thing. I don't know if it is included with their plastic bags, but if I were to use this system I would use the gel. Sure an improvement over my last bucket experience.
 Again, this is the local rule and is probably different from place to place. Thanks for the learning experience.
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This world isn't home (06-20-2017), Gardenias (05-26-2017)
crazybill: awesome and thanks for doing the research!!!

With Love,
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Yeah thanks, crazybill. I guess that explains it. Magic gel. Nice piece of detective work!
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