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Question for the Luggable Loo Users
My 2 cents! Gel works and is handy, but exxpensive too. About human waste. urine is nitrogen, and is often used in gardens as a good fertilizer (not good for some plants though, do your research. Feces on the other hand holds all the toxic stuff and so is more of a concern. though used properly in a compost is a good thing. Night soil as it is called is used in countries such as china and does cause many illnesses we do not see here in the USA.
I have never seen a diaper that does anything to feces! except keep it contained within the diaper. The urine is what it makes into a solid. (I used to do child care and have much experience with diapers!)
Most dumpsters will have a notice whether it is legal to dump human waste in them.
My way is do what ya have to do. If I am in the city, i try for a park and a rest room there, if none availble i will use a dumpster with no notice on it. In the wilderness, whether desert or forest, I bury it according to the forestry recommendations.
I NEVER dump it in a parking lot!
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I assume cat litter would be an acceptable and cheap means of making the human waste okay for dumping? If the main concern is ensuring that there's no liquid, this would suffice. I've read about Poo Powder, which basically does the same thing in addition to containing enzymes that begin the decomposing process, but I wonder if the decomposing thing is necessary to make things okay from the legality standpoint, or if the main concern is just making sure everything is solid. 
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Happy now?
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Moderators: please move this thread before Joey has an aneurism.

Joey: Attempt to be cool. We're talking about the legal and therefore ecologically sound disposal of waste -- yes, perhaps better suited to the "Going to the Bathroom" section, but still not entirely off-topic in a section called "Going Green."
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Hey Dude...Pee in a jug, poo in a potty with a bag and some kitty litter. What does everyone do with cat litter? Sounds like everyone's making a manure pile out of a mole hill. I guess I'm just too independent to go ask the man where to go dodoo. If anything...that dodoo will help garbage at the dump to decompose. As long as you're not putting it in a place that will contaminate water or food, you should be good to go!!!

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If you're really worried about it, you could get 1 of those depends undergarments. lay it down in the bottom of your bucket. When through wrap it up and throw it out.

is it legal for someone to use an adult diaper? is it legal for someone to throw that diaper away? yes
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On second thought just use the largest cheapest baby diaper you can find.
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I don't have to use the Luggable Loo often but it saved me the other day while in the boonies.

I used clumping cat litter... It's a little more expensive but helps with the liquid thing. That way it also absorbs a number 3... (number 1 and number 2 in the same transaction).

The bag went into the campground trash.

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I'd watched one of Bob's videos about this; and one of the comments read that they weren't going to dumpster dive anymore! I used to dumpster dive, so it bothered me enough to research this topic.
I'll be experimenting with this for pets and humans: Confused
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I'm the one who is going to try the red worms, but I've been too busy trying to get my place in shape to sell. I think I'll start it at home, and see how it goes, and see if it's adaptable to travel. I did find one online tiny home owner that uses red worms, but I don't think they move around much.
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