someone help me understand
Back to the now defunct Will Prose thread that was quickly closed and then my thread question of where it went lasted maybe 10 minutes before it was closed too...

Cindi ( admin) posted this:

"Why would you talk about someone in the 3rd person, as if they aren’t here. That’s pretty rude!"

Who are you referring to?  Whenever I refer to someones thread I either use the pronoun "he", "she" or the term/abbreviation "OP".  I defended Will as having added to the discussion and also defended his choice of leaving the lifestyle. Who is being rude?

I did see that there were some not supportive/positive comments above mine, mostly about his youth, but again, those were countered by what I wrote.

Sheesh, if some disagreement is all it takes to get a thread closed, then better take a much closer look at most of the Electrical threads where posters argue un-endingly with each other over batteries, solar controller choices and charging systems...

Color me confused...  Huh
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KroFlite (11-27-2017)
1st of all, I'm not an admin.

2ndly the admins and mods on the forum are human with subjective opinions.

The first thread regarding a member's videos was hidden because it seemed rude and was feeding drama.

So someone made a second thread. It seemed to me, in my opinion, that again a member was being spoken of in the third person and would only lead to more drama

Additionally, the new member's video links have been removed because he didn't have enough posts to meet the forum requirements. Both threads are moot.
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

Cyndi (made it across the cattle guard)

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This world isn't home (11-27-2017)
My bad, an experienced member answered and said the original post got pulled or something, so all the rest of the replies got trashed as well. Plus there was some drama, as well as WP's not meeting posting minimums (that are designed to preclude people from promoting themselves (links to videos and such).

I get it now, makes sense, just deserved a better explanation. I like it when BoB W or HDR warn the wayward member or re-direct the thread in public, as opposed to just shutting it down. We all learn from or are reminded of the rules for responses/civility needed.

I still think it's a legit issue, as to whether a long-term choice of the mobile lifestyle has negative health (emotional or physical) effects or not. Of course, if you placed me squarely downtown in any major city for years, my health would decline rapidly...  Sad
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As the OP of the original thread; I 1) wanted discussion not drama about the points being made (and did not think the 2 responses I saw had crossed into that territory; ... but were close, so can live with the decision the thread would cause some), 2) Do not think asking/talking about opinions expressed publicly in a yt video to be anywhere close to rude; & 3)Think that closing/deleting threads with no prior/simultaneous notification either publicly or privately is more rude than anything posted in the video or in my post and the subsequent replies. It's done now and I will try to remember that only Pollyanna, positive thoughts, feelings, and actions about vandwelling are allowed on the forum so as not to discourage or cause full consideration by mentioning potential downsides (and yes, that is meant to be snarky and rude).
"Having the gumption to live different and the sense to let everybody else live different.  That's the hardest thing, hands down." --- Alice Venable Middleton
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