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Should I accept a part time camp host position in hopes of getting a full time one?
I wasn't hoping that they would bump up the hours of the part time campground, but that someone would not show up for a different campground that had full time employ and the employer would ask if I wanted to move to that one.

Funny you should mention antlers. I will be doing just that. My current dog is trained to find antlers and she is a rock star at it. Finding antlers is great, but seldom does one make enough to live on; however, my plan is to debunk that idea and make some real money just like you stated. The good antlers start dropping in January with the very latest dropping in maybe May. It's better to pick them up as soon as possible, because fresh, brown antlers fetch (pun intended) a lot more. It doesn't take very long before they start to bleach out and get chewed on by porcupines and other rodents. Even if there wasn't a market in Leadville, there are other places. If you have enough antlers, they will come to you to pick them up. Perhaps if I clean out one campground, I can make a move to the Leadville CG and clean that area out. I still would like to do the Leadville one if possible, even if it is for just half the summer. I don't want to make things complicated, but if it is an easy transition that benefits everyone, then I'll do it.

I got a call today and things look like they will be working out well. I should have an answer by the end of the week. Will post what I get if anything.

I'm OK with remote campgrounds. I grew up in a remote mountain town (pop 600) 60 miles away from the next largest town of 60,000. No McDonald's, no bowling alley, no health care clinic, no fast food, no cell phone, no Internet, no veterinarian, and no cable. I had 2 TV channels, a bicycle (later on a motorcycle), a .22 rifle, and a dog. We didn't have cops on Sunday. If a dog or any animal attacked us, we didn't call Animal Control, we shot it. We had only wood heat. We were tied to the house because if we didn't keep the fire going in 50 below weather, the pipes would freeze within several hours. Yes, it used to get that cold back every year back then (1980s). The power used to go out a lot. We got snowed in. Many of us would run out of water because the wells would go dry toward the end of summer. My graduation class was 13. My sister's was 7. I lived 3 miles out of town, about 10 miles from the Bob Marshal Wilderness, so I literally played more around Bobcats and Grizzlies than around my friends during my early years. I got to see Mountain Lions, Wolverines, weasels, otters, and was chased by a badger once which was pretty scary. Just about any campground would be less remote than where I grew up. I'm looking forward to get back to that. I know I went on a bit about my childhood, but I like to share those experiences. While I complained about it as a kid, I sure appreciate it now. What a great way to grow up that so few of us get to experience.
“If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am.” ―Charles Yu
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highdesertranger (11-29-2017)
I worked for CLM for 3 years in California and I was a campground host for a year about 10 miles outside of Leadville at the Mt Elbert campground. But it was full-time. However, that area is operated by Rocky Mountain Recreation Company so you must be quite a distance away from Leadville.

The 3 years I worked for CLM every season we always had many people who were no-shows the first of the season and then people who started decided they didn't like it and left, and others did a bad job and were fired. So, my experience was 100% that if you started at part-time you would almost instantly be full-time right after the start of the season. It can be a hard job, especially the first few weeks when you are getting the campground cleaned and open, you're raking leaves, shovelling mud, cleaning filthy toilets and more nonstop. Lots of people just left.

I got one friend a job and the only opening was a 20 hour a week campground--he took the chance and took the job. He never worked a day there, he started at full-time and is still there 10 years later.

But we were in a very large area with LOTS of campgrounds, maybe you are in a small area and everyone keeps coming back, so there are no promises or guarantees.
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Canine (11-29-2017)
I landed a position in Northern Colorado right in the middle of a National Forest away from big tourist areas. 30 hours a week, which is awesome. They didn't have a problem with me asking for a CG that has more hours which was something I was pretty concerned about. He seemed to have zero problems with me asking for a remote CG. I had asked for a larger campground, but he steered me away from that; maybe because that one is an easy one to fill because it has full hook ups? I had made a mistake asking for that one because I thought it didn't have RV hookups (I don't want hookups, I want remote). I have been treated very well so far. Am super happy this is working out.
“If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am.” ―Charles Yu
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bullfrog (12-09-2017), highdesertranger (12-09-2017)
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Canine (12-09-2017)
congrats, keep us updated. highdesertranger
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Canine (12-09-2017)
Some campgrounds have electric only at host sites. One hundred-site busy one I know of had three host couples. (Full all summer, non-reserved sites tended to be unoccupied for an hour or two maximum.)
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Canine (12-09-2017)

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