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I have stocks that I've bought and don't touch.  Netflix, Disney, Starbucks, and now Amazon.  I just did Amazon today, figured it was a good time with the christmas rush starting.

What stocks do you invest in that you can recommend, for long term?

Alternatively, I'd be interested in doing some day trading as well.  If anyone has any suggestions. I use Van Guard and want to just stick with that system, if possible.
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This lifestyle is not conducive to day trading; ... if you consistently have GOOD internet connections (I've lost money when a connection crapped out on me so I couldn't get out of a trade when it reversed quickly), you may want to consider researching swing trading instead where you're in trades for usually a couple days or a week.
"Having the gumption to live different and the sense to let everybody else live different.  That's the hardest thing, hands down." --- Alice Venable Middleton
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The best advice I can give you is to find a place to set up a virtual account and practice for several months. Whether it is day trading or swing trading or what ever other kind of trading it is. Options xpress is where I used to send people but I think they got bought out and do not have it anymore. I have heard Scottrade has it but I haven't checked it yet. Good Luck it is a crazy game and as in all games someone has to loose.
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You have good stocks for the long term. This Bull Market should last another 8 months, MHO, ha.............

Scottrade merged with Ameritrade. I been with Scottrade about 10 years, prior to that I was with Ameritrade, now I'm back.....
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How about oil and gas royalty trusts? Examples include MTR and CRT
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gojo (11-30-2017)
(11-29-2017, 10:14 AM)Thirsty Boots Nomad Wrote: GOOD internet connections

Like Thirsty Boots Nomad I've lost money too because of a bad connection. Always have a backup connection, 5 minutes and you can easily see swing of +-2% or more. Today was a good example if you look at tech stocks.

I suggest reading about the market a lot, read the whole Dictionary at the end of the page, then a lot of article about trading.

Here a nice one for swing trading.

Remember that investing and trading is completely different! It took me months of reading before doing my first trade. Personally I don't think a virtual account is efficient since you don't have emotion about the money, it's not real money. This is the most difficult part of being a good trader, you need to eliminate all emotion from any trade and If you can stick with a plan that you follow, you should be ok at the end. Good luck!
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Here is how I trade sometimes without watching the stock. You have to be able to read charts. I drew a support line (bottom) and a resistance line (upper). When the stock goes down to the bottom line, put a limit order to buy till cancel at 1.05...  Soon as you buy it, put a limit order to selll till cancel at 1.15... You'll average about 8% per trade. If you look at the chart, you'll see how many times you could have traded it. I'm trading LTBR at the present.
One rule I abide by: Never buy a penny stock near earnings date. You can see what this stock did Nov 13.

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waverider1987 (12-04-2017)
All the stocks I own pay dividends.
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(11-29-2017, 07:49 PM)ZacLee Wrote: How about oil and gas royalty trusts?  Examples include MTR and CRT

I been watching the energy sector. Being I live in the Eagle Ford Shale area, I  see 3 new oil rigs,l just came up.
Maybe they know something?
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I've done extremely well with facebook stock, i've bought and sold it several times over the last few years. I set a yearly goal on what i want to make with my short term trades and once I reach it I usually stop for the year so I don't give back what i've gained. FB has allowed me to reach my goal the past two years. I feel like that stock is probably played out, but it does continue to impress me. Microsoft did pretty well for me this past year as well, not sure why I bought it, but it paid off. I'm researching now to see where I want to start 2018.

I tend to stick to funds for my long term investments, my current ones are
Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB)

There's gotta be a market correction coming in the not so far future. I might pull out of all my remaining stocks and just wait for that to happen. Then buy in when everything dips down a bit. Hard to judge though, can miss out on a lot of money waiting for a downturn that takes too long to happen.
I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.
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