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Box Van Conversion
Does anyone have a box van conversion ? I am in the process of working on one and would like to ask questions about how yours went.
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I don't have a box van now, but I lived in one for6 years when I first started living in vans. Mine was 8 x 12 and had an amazing out of room!

Do you have plans for yours yet?
2015 GMC Savannah 2500 van, 480 watts of Solar Panels--and a wonderful furry best friend named Cody. I'm out to change the world!
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Cammalu (12-01-2017)
I did a 16’ box van conversion on my 379 Peterbilt. Full construction pictures are on the link below. Best of luck with your project!
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Check out Dreamsideout on YouTube
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(11-29-2017, 08:34 PM)wchancey Wrote: Does anyone have a box van conversion ? I am in the process of working on one and would like to ask questions about how yours went.

I bought a 10' box van on Ebay January of 2014, made it liveable and have been living and traveling in it since the spring of that year. Love it. Ask away.
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Will a box van limit back-road ability?
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I bought a '97 E450 16' Grumman box van with an attic

I'm gathering insulation now. There are deals on Craigslist. Since most of
The sheets need to be cut it doesn't matter if a corner is gone or there's a crack.

I'm going to use two 2" layers for the ceiling and 2" or maybe at a 1" too fornthe walls. 1" foil covered for the floors

A box van sure is going to be more limited than a pair of good hiking boots are an ATV. Understand the clearance and traction issues and you'll be fine
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(12-24-2017, 01:01 PM)Simple Wrote: Will a box van limit back-road ability?

I'd say no less limited than a pickup and camper unless the pickup is 4WD. The box on mine is just an inch wider than the widest part of the cab and about 9' high including the cover over the Fantastic fan.
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I have not acquired mine yet, but I will be installing a limited slim diff-lock in the rear axle when I do. It's not as good a solution as 4wd, but if one doesn't drive stupidly, you can slowly crawl through a lot of sandy perils. I'm an Arizona native and have driven all kinds of terrain in this state with just 2wd trucks. A vehicle the size of a uhaul really has no business attempting to negotiate crap that requires 4wd. If you truly do HAVE to get way back in somewhere,...just downsize to a full size van and shop for a used 4x4 van on craigslist. They pop up available rather regularly. There are 3 on the Phoenix area one right now.

If i was unconcerned with stealth or fuel economy, but had to have a uhaul-sized home,...then finding a surplus 6wd military truck be the solution. Get one that was a former mobile command truck with the big box on it.
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I, just to have something to do while getting over the flu this winter, have been hiding in my son's garage building a box truck type topper on my old J10 Jeep truck. It is the short 7' bed and 60 some inches wide. The topper is 53" obove the bed so about 30 some inches above the cab. The 80" wide topper over hangs the bed 9" or so on either side and is 83" long. The reason for the overhang is so two parallel 28" beds can rest on the top of the bed sides and still have a 20" wide center isle. There will also be a higher shelf or bed across the front side to side along with lots of storage under the inside bed overhand in the truck bed. Using a vargo type build you can get a lot of room in a full sized 4x4 truck bed. I would not recomend this in wooded off road areas but for the desert I think it will work well.
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