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I called about a brake job.
Mechanic A said $200 for front pads
scion tc 06.

Mechanic B said $150 for front pads.
$ 280 for rotors & pads.

When I got to Mech B's place he said
my pads R fine but if I want more braking power
to replace the rotors.

He didnt say they were warped.
I said why dont U take off the pads & see if they're warped.
He indicated that mostly likely they weren't . .

I thanked the man & opted to wait for awhile . .
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I call BS. highdesertranger
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Go hit up on C and D and maybe E and see what they say for prices. Good Luck
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When he said replace the rotors, was it with higher quality vented rotors or just standard rotors again?......Strange that anyone would want to replace rotors and not put new pads on them.

If rotors are warped, you would know would shake when you applied the brakes...
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rvpopeye (12-01-2017), highdesertranger (12-01-2017)
Mech B didnt say what kind of Rotors.
Unscrupulous would just say
“You need New Pads & Rotors.”

Yeah, there’s no shaking when brakes R
Applied. They just feel weak as opposed to
New off the lot, 10 yrs ago.

It puts my mind @ ease to know my brakes are safe &
I’m not putin groove damage in the rotors by not having any pads left.
Dad never taught me to check pad life / thickness . .
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Makes me glad I do my own work whenever possible. Those prices are crazy.
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Brakes are pretty easy to work on, and very expensive to _get_ worked on. Unless you have a 4x4 where the front rotors don't come off easily, learn to do your own work and save a ton of money.

You can replace brake components proactively, having better and more reliable braking, for the same or less cost than taking it to a mechanic only when you have a problem. Even the tools you need aren't that expensive or bulky.
What doesn't kill me makes me smarter
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Been doing my own brakes for 50 years, i did stop doing other peoples brakes. It's not rocket science and I always do a better job than "those guys"
2015 RTR
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