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Fishing license
Hello and kind regards. Does anyone know if a fishing license can be purchased (over the counter) in Ehrenberg? If so; where? Thanks for your assistance.
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Yes, I'm nearly certain you can get one at the laundromat in town. I'm not 100% but I do believe the local Indian Tribe owns some of the land on the river and you can get a fishing license from them at the laudromat as well. Don't know prices, but I'd guess they were cheap.
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Thank you so much.

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the Indian license is 10 bucks a year. at least that's what it is up by Bullhead City. now something I have been curious about as I have been told both, that you also need a state of Arizona license and an Indian license or you don't need a state license. when I run across a game warden I will ask them. does any body know for sure. highdesertranger
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Where the Colorado is the border between states it gets even more confusing as California has a lot of restricted / limit areas and rules. I've got an Arizona license with a Utah stamp for the border between Arizona and Utah and fish there regularly but I wouldn't even attempt to down south without checking with the authorities.
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Yup better discover and be safer than sorry. Will let you know as soon as I do, thanks.

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