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Feel safer urban boondocking?
I know it may not seem like it, but I actually feel a "bit" safter urban boondocking than camping out in the woods alone.  This is meerly due to the whole safety in numbers thing.  I feel like if I was alone in the woods and a group of guys saw me, they could decide I look like fun, and there's nobody around to witness or help.  Whereas when I urban boondock, I pull up into some of the big chain hotel parking lots and sleep there, never getting out of the van until morning.  I have done both though.  When I camped out in the north carolina national forest, it was in a small camping area.  There was just one other young guy parked right next to me.  It was just us.  He tried to come over a couple times and hang out but i made it clear I didn't want to do that.  Later some of his friends did come by and they were very loud and rowdy all night.  I didn't sleep well that night at all, but nothing bad happened.  I ended up taking a spot at the park campground for $8 a night with a camp host and privacy after that.  I would like to feel safe camping in the woods alone...but I just haven't gotten to that point yet.
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Its unfortunate that our world has created this type of fear, that can be very very real. I could never relate to your fear because I'm a male, though my wife expresses fear occasionally depending on where we camp, and its understandable, we've heard horror stories, and you can't trust every person. Hopefully someone on here has some recommendations on being a female alone, because there are a lot of good places you could be missing out on. Baby steps though right.
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As a male I have been in certain locations where something gnawed away at my peace of mind and body being a senior am vulnerable to the whims of
the wild, I take a moment to reflect in the moment to try and diagnose these feelings, when I cannot it's a tough choice and ready my defenses to stand my ground as-in check my gun ammo and machete.
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First off, women are waaayyyyy scarier than men. Srsly, you chicks are crazy. Secondly, yeah some guys are dicks. Put a decent knife on your belt and if someone tries to do you harm, stick the knife in them. Hasn't happened to me yet, but I imagine it would be difficult to think about my dick if I was bleeding profusely.

You live in a predatory world. Saying that, its a great place, just own yourself and try to stay prepared. Some people find comfort and safety in prayer. Whatever way you go, best of luck!
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"Feelings" do not equal "facts". Statistically you are many, many, times safer outside city limits then you are within city limits. The chances that you will even encounter a "group of guys" is so much less outside city limits. Fact is, most criminal-types hang out where there are more people to victimize, and those parking lots are hot beds for them.

Maybe pick yourself up some sort of self defense tool? Pepper spray, gun, large wooden stick... your choice, just get one within your abilities and learn how to properly use it just in case. Be careful out there, and stay safe.
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I’m urban boondocking right now, it is always stressful to me. There are no legal places to camp in the urban area I am in. I worry about the police knocking on my door. When legally camped on BLM land I sleep like a baby.

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It sounds like you're uncomfortable with what is unfamiliar, both in-town and out-of-town. That's reasonable.

You don't know what you might encounter and don't know what to do if "something" happens, and why should you? I don't either. It's completely normal.

The easiest and best way to become comfortable might be to associate with other women who are doing what you are doing. Watch what they do, learn what they know, try it yourself. Adopt and adapt what works for you.

You'll have companionship while learning and won't have to invent all your own tricks and techniques, just pick them up from others who have the same concerns that you do.

Option B: Take a friend along now and then. You'll at least be able to talk about what you're feeling, and what you see and hear.

You should become more comfortable as your amount and range of experiences accumulate. As you get more tuned in to what actual trouble you might find coming your way, and where you might find it, and at what times, and from whom, you can plan on going to other places at other times with different strategies and other expectations.

But, as always, use your best judgment. "There is no safety in numbers, or in anything else." -- James Thurber

Blogs of some strong, individualistic women I have learned a lot from:

(While I'm at it, I should change my user name to something less scary too, eh?)
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OP, maybe you should bring a "friend"? I often camp with my friend Mr Mossberg and our friends Mr Smith & Wesson. I feel perfectly safe. I assume this will also apply to van dwelling/boondocking. Though I will likely end up avoiding some states like California entirely.
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(12-04-2017, 08:08 AM)waverider1987 Wrote: I know it may not seem like it, but I actually feel a "bit" safer urban boondocking than camping out in the woods alone.

And I'm the exact opposite!

I go out of my way to avoid having to boondock in any major urban center. If the interstate has more than 4 lanes total, it's too big an urban area for me and the only thing I'll do is get through it to the other side as fast as possible. Nope, no truck stop or W/M for me in those areas and definitely no finding a 'quiet side street'.

But a big part of it is not fear, it's total distaste for urban areas.

Out in the middle of nowhere, all by myself...let me at it.

And yes, I was raised in a major urban area and spent most of my adult life in and around big cities. Doesn't mean I like them!
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(12-04-2017, 08:08 AM)waverider1987 Wrote: I know it may not seem like it, but I actually feel a "bit" safter urban boondocking than camping out in the woods alone.  This is meerly due to the whole safety in 
I carefully read what you wrote, I think you are hearing what a million years of human evolution is telling you. Women are more vulnerable to sexual assault. It is always on our radar. It is not generally something that most guys worry about.  while statistically, you might be safer from assault  where there are fewer people, ie the boonies, it does not feel that way.
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To illustrate, she relates the story of a male student who slept in a passageway of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. "I will never experience that. I am a woman. I am not stupid enough to believe I could ever be safe there. There is a world of solitary adventure I will never have. Women have always known these somber truths."
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