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Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante
Of course I hate that this has happened, but, I doubt it will have much negative consequences. Thats a huge chunk of empty land, without a whole lot to attract anyone.

Economics have killed coal, I can’t imagine that it will ever make economic sense to develop coal there. Nearly all the coal power plants in the area are being shut down.
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"I've lived here the past 12 years, you and everybody else that is coming ain't making it any better.  More people means more problems."..."Come back in a few years and see if it got better or worst. For now it just takes away desperately needed resources from the other areas we are trying to "preserve"."

So what you're saying is a variation on NIMBY-"Don't come now".  But what may be there once the court battles are finished? Damn straight that those two places will be on the top of my to-do list when it warms up a bit.  

"Don't throw me into that briar patch!"
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You need to understand our system of land management is far from functional or even understandable in most cases and even when there are good and just laws they serve no purpose if not embraced by all concerned especially the people directly affected in the areas they describe. With little or no enforcement usually due to intentional lack of funding nothing changes and people do what they feel is right for them. The Navajo nation has their own rules and so does the Morman church as well as local ranchers. In fact the state of Utah and their law often conflicts with federal laws and end up in court for years, often what is being questioned is no longer relevant by the time the court case is settled and is usually not enough of a concern to bother to enforce! Just look at pollution laws on federal waters passed I believe in the 1990's concerning 2 stroke PWCs and see how many don't meet 2006 standards. It took 13 years to get through the courts and still is rarely enforced. Just now the Bears Ears area is just getting cell service if you want to protect the area just stop putting up towers and paving roads. That will do more than a whole passel full of unpopular laws that won't or can't be enforced. The presence of humans does more damage than any other species to natural areas. Also be aware mother nature sometimes does a pretty good job fighting back with no way to call for help ( quite often nothing works out here! ) and mother nature gets the unprepared. Most times my neighbors are really nice because I never see them or they really need help. I get a kick out of how little most people know about the area and how to survive. One of my most often questions is where they can get dog food? I tell them out here your dog is food so keep them close as you go a 100 plus miles to get some. WalkaboutTed come on out and join the crowd.
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