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Does anyone have a compact laser SCANNER?
It's not clear if you want to scan images or documents but I think you want documents, based on the rant about PDFs. Smile

But if it's photos you want to scan, I just bought the most wonderful little device that is portable and FAST. Takes just a few seconds to scan a photo and if you have a big photo you can scan it in sections and it has software that will "stitch" the sections together when you're done.

It's called Flip Pal and it can be found on Amazon.
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tx2sturgis (12-06-2017)
(12-06-2017, 09:53 AM)WalkaboutTed Wrote: I have an app on my phone and tablet called Tiny Scanner. It turns photos into PDFs.  You're not going to get super  high resolution for art, obviously, but it's great for documents.

Thought I'd throw that out there.

Don't ever change your phone and tablet again. Adobe has just swallowed the last 30 years of PDF conveniences, and one by one, is now in the process of disrupting lives into time wasting, expensive, and needless additional procedures. What's next, $500 to READ pics (JPEG files), or $1850 to publish pics, per Camera per PC? Whoa! The Adobe Billionaire is going to beat Bill Gates in becoming the first Trillionaire!

I see some very big kickbacks in the Patent Office of the recent Administration that could start WWIII (if your Country recognizes and makes it's citizens pay for the legal Patents.)
Seriously though, thanks, and I'll look into all the kind suggestions offered.
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Speaking of 'rants', here is a reply to SpiderFlex Bicycle seats in CA about their no-phone and Adobe Reader 'customer' interface. Onesey, twosey: No big deal. But thousands of times and daily, you get the picture (if the 'Pic' presentation process does not include Adobe Reader in the chain of commands.)  

Spider Flex Customer Feedback about Customer Interface:
Your Adobe links do not work and wastes your customer's time!
All I want to know is what diameter bike frame tube does the seat fit onto (w/o adjuster tube fittings)? You don't show a pic, close-up, spec or any information to assist in that. Who knows, it may be on a hidden file (per $500 Adobe Reader application per each computer)??
No telephone numbers, Adobe Reader sales communication barriers, and incomplete information show disrespect for your lifetime customers' prized 'time' resource: it hurts your longterm qualitative earnings stream.

For all the Vandwellers who value their time (and money), but don't have the time and/or inclination to bitch  
Big Grin
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please stay on topic...portable scanners.
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(12-05-2017, 08:53 PM)breeze Wrote: ...even if that billionaire charges $500 for Adobe Reader software now.

You lost me. Do you mean Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free; Adobe Acrobat Standard, which is $12.99/month; Adobe Acrobat Pro, which is $14.99/month, or something else?
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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How often do you need to scan things? Too often that having it done at a copy center wouldn't work?
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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(12-05-2017, 08:53 PM)breeze Wrote: Ink-jets are such a ripoff, and now it seems like you have to have a large printer attachment on top of a laser printer for a scanner attachment: B&W, forget color.

It seems like a scanner is an essential communication device, even if that billionaire charges $500 for Adobe Reader software now. It's a shame you have to get furniture size combined printers and scanners to avoid being fleeced by the inkjet criminals: all of them. I think the Adobe billionaire is somehow controlling the reduced scanner products available now in the marketplace too by PDF licensing restrictions placed on scanner manufacturers.

Since we are ruthlessly bombarded by Chinese garbage goods, I wish we could have access to their no-patent markets as well on Ebay and Amazon  Smile

Bob the Guru probably uses Adobe and scanners in his mobile business often I'm sure to communicate. I wish he would do an early release chapter on his next book on how to get small laser scanner printers and Adobe software at reasonable prices. I think US Patents and greed may have already won out on this big quiet patent play for an already billionaire. Maybe the Adobe CEO/owner did not observe what has happened to Bill Gates lately with his scoliosis, due to preoccupation with ruthless greed ?!?!

If you wanna go really portable, paid version ($1.99) of the CamScanner phone app does a great job. You take a picture of the document; it scans/adjusts/enhances; you mail the file as a pdf.
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That's what I was thinking. Many phone cams are good enough I just take pics of most paper docs.
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