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Starting/column issue
Dodge tilt steering problems are common with these older 1980's Dodge vans. Most common is that the tilt system itself is worn out, has lots of play, and the starter key assembly to switch rod becomes out of alignment and the van will start only when the column is in a position that properly aligns the rod.

I've seen some BAD columns in Dodges where you can literally lock the column in the desired position, and will have 4-6 INCHES of play up and down.

If your column is nice and tight.. Then its the switch. Its on the column under the dash and is held on by two bolts. You can adjust it to a certain degree, but its likely the original 30 something year old switch. Id replace it just for the piece of mind. Its cheap insurance.
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GypsyDogs (12-26-2017)
Column is fairly tight (for his age..)

parts on order.. Still trying for RTR.. Cool Big Grin
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frater secessus (12-28-2017)

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