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Van versus 2001 Toyota 4Runner with teardrop trailer
Start with what you have and hit the road, least expense essentials only.

You'll save so much skipping the first set of misjudgments.

You never find "perfect" anyway, but start the evolution with some experience.
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bullfrog (12-08-2017)
I agree, if you can get to the Women's RTR you'll see & learn much. You can learn much on this forum as well, but seeing firsthand and having actual and engaging conversations will go far with your decision. I favor the van over the teardrop... AT brought up some good points and has an experienced point of view, and John's comment certainly makes sense (not to discount the other's, but these two comments resonated strongly with me), and I think that you're introducing complexities into your decision by getting a trailer relevant to your apartment complex. There's a balance that we all contend with regarding mobility and comfort. You'll get more mobility with the van, and I honestly believe that you'll be comfortable in it as well, even using it regularly as you get ideas on what you want & where you want to put it, decor, paint, fabric, etc. I think the learning curve will have less damage and more fun if you went with a van.
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I'm in the process of trying to figure which combo will work best for hitting the road in retirement. Like everyone here says you'll likely change your mind as you go so I decided not to worry about it too much. I've decided to start out with a minivan (Sienna) and either a bigger teardrop design or small cargo trailer that I can haul a midsize motorcycle in. I'm in the process of building out the van right now. If you like the vehicle you have try out a small trailer or teardrop. I'm not sure I'd buy a new one though, you'll lose a lot if you decide to resell. Maybe you could just rent a small u-haul cargo and see how that feels for a weekend of camping, it will give you a good idea of how you'll deal with limited space. Just an idea.
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How many folks here get to a campsite, set it up and then just stay inside their camper or van or what ever you have? I'm guessing very few if any. Most folks go outside to do stuff outside. A teardrop is basically just your bedroom were you sleep and maybe kick back to watch TV or what ever later in the evening. I love the outside kitchen a teardrop offers around back. Set up a shade tarp or netting with lawn chairs. The tow vehicle can be used as your storage area for stuff you set up camp with. I think a Toy and a teardrop is a great idea. If I was single I wouldn't have any issues with this combo.
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