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Those crafty Germans have solved the toilet issue!
Germans and their toileting ...

Their famous 'Inspect your sh*t' toilets

[Image: 5DhgtaU.jpg]
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Use a 2 inch hitch receiver to hold the toilet seat.  This one shows a fancy toilet paper roll holder and for urban use there is a bucket.  
For only $69.95 it is a bargain.  

A potty tent is optional.
You cannot establish security on borrowed money
8 of Ten Cannots, Rev. William John Henry Boetcker, 1916.
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OMG only in America, that's too funny.

I guess a standard 6gal bucket doesn't support 350lbs?

And for height adjustability:

[Image: 4ba572c3cbbc19ca5c9c6e6e6fc1bfc1.jpg]
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Those rotten buzzards, they stole my idea!!  I've been pondering something similar for the last few years, following a miserable stay at an Octoberfest "campground", one of four available and the only one which provided portable toilets. After a wretched night surrounded by rude, drunkenly thoughtless asshats celebrating Octoberfest, I started thinking of a way to add some kind of removable toilet/shower to my bus.

My plans are much more low-tech and are based on a wheelchair carrier with a ramp, 3' sides, with a telescoping upper section.  One more of many things I have in mind for my ever-evolving bus project.
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