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New outside vented stove design
Save your pennies for a Propex HS2211.

Mount inside or out, super safe and very efficient.

Equivalent heaters for air direct or hydronic distribution (hot water showers a bonus) that burn your vehicle fuel are available from Espar and Webasto.
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> The flames can heat air directly, but you're using the flames to heat the metal and the metal to heat the air. That seems less efficient.

Whole point is to keep the combustion out of the living space.
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Thanks @planet-beaver this is an excellent idea! I just joined up to say thank you. A small and safer heater that can be cheaply manufactured. It is very kind of you to offer your expertise and time and work for free so others can benefit.

But I have to shake my head reading some of these replies that seem a bit ungrateful. This website is called CHEAPrvliving after all :Smile

But I probably want wait too until someone builds a prototype and tests the design.

How much more efficient is a vented heater if you factor in the requirement for constant ventilation (cold air)?
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Thank you for the very nice vented heater design.  It appears to be very well thought out. 

I too would suggest adding a valve, venturi, and especially a thermocoupler safety shut off. 

It seems like the main body and most of the machine work is in the build of the heat exchanger middle section.  For those that might experiment with this and build their own I would suggest looking at stove pipe heat exchangers for ideas.  Ones like this picture of a wood stove heat exchanger could be done with multiple small iron pipe sections.  Just a thought.

[Image: 29053a456bbb42e70a4519631bdcd4c7.jpg]
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(12-11-2017, 01:52 PM)Rainier70 Wrote: ...could be done with multiple small iron pipe sections.

Positioned horizontally and folded down into a bundle to slow the escape of heat out the flue.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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Just FYI on those heat exchangers used in wood stove flue pipes, they ALL cause a faster and heavier creosote buildup....

I know it's not the topic...just sayin...
About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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Damper above the heat exchanger so that the draw is adjustable.

I camp at high elevation,  9 to 10 thousand feet.  I use a vented propane stove, and I  need to adjust both the damper and the venturi to allow for the lower oxygen levels at times.
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Damper is used in wood stoves so that you can controll the flames, heat, wood use.

In propane stove, none is needed. Actually by putting in an air restriction, your efficiency goes down as you do not fully burn the fuel.
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(12-06-2017, 07:45 PM)planet-beaver Wrote: The heater is a solid aluminum plate 12" long by 8" wide with two sqaure tubes, one as a burning chamber, the second as a manifold for fumes and can be left on all night long supplying steady dry, fumeless heat.
So what do you guys think? Good,bad idea? 

Good idea, I like it Wink
It's a brand new day
   Cheers, Rick 

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