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Cool, FREE LED light at Harbor Freight (with coupon)
Don't hate me because I bought something at Harbor Freight!

I bought one of these lights at WalMart the other day for around $4 and it is great. It looks like a standard light switch and has batteries, magnetic or Velcro mount. This thing will put your eye out kid. HF and WM is the exact same light.

I had three other places that I could use one and was ready to buy them when I saw the same thing as a "free with purchase" coupon for HF. I needed some Teflon tape anyway so I bought a 10 roll box of tape and got the light with it, all for $2.15!

I'm thinking of getting one of the throw away side grinders so I can get another light. There is a coupon for the grinder at $9.99. I wouldn't use it for any heavy work but should be OK for sharpening the lawn mower (what's that?) blade and loaning out. I will pop the lid on it to see what the guts look like and report. If it seems OK I might get another couple so I don't need to change from grinder to cut off or flapper disk. I have a nice flea market Metabo 6" for the heavy work ($25).

I have gotten a couple of HF's free tape measures (1"X25') over the years and have had no problems.


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I have a couple of those. Batteries don't last too long in them

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Interesting. it would be easier than fumbling around in the dark for a tiny switch on the RV lights.

I have been a big fan of the blue puck lights that HF gives out.
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