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Serious Question on Water usage
I don't know if this should go here or not? But for those that cook pasta, what do you do with the old water when done? It seems like such a waste if your in the middle of nowhere to boil your pasta then trash the used water. What? Maybe close to a gallon is used something that I see as a waste of a valuable resource out in the wild. What and how do you get around this, or do y'all just avoid pasta in general for this reason? Discuss
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I have but on rare occasions cooked pasta out on the road, cooking for one it was not a large drain on my water 90% goes to drinking, coffee and tee.
Just remember it may not be hot but it is very dry.I devised a shower system for this year and hope it works so I will be bringing 20 gallons just for showers.
Just need to smell good, it's important.

PS thanks for removing the "Why did you Edit" question
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bpdchief (12-18-2017)
I use a minimum amount of water when I do pasta. I save the water for doing dishes. it is a little starchy but works fine. highdesertranger
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HDR- Now that I can see if your just doing the days dishes, but what about the left over if there is any, then what? Just dump it?
I would've thought this would have generated more traffic then this?
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First off, a lot of water isn't needed to cook pasta.  I can cook enough for one in about 2 1/2" in the bottom of my 8" diameter pot so maybe 1/2 a quart. If it's spaghetti, break it up in maybe 3 sections so that it can all be sunk in the water.

The only time I'd ever come close to using a gallon of water to cook pasta in would be if I was cooking for 12 or more people and using my largest pot.

Same goes for potatoes if I'm boiling them, barely enough water to cover.

What I do with the left over water depends on where I am. If it's okay to drain outside then I do so, usually over the campfire ashes so that they filter the water as it's absorbed in to the soil. My sink is also connected to a 2 1/2 gallon portable 'gray tank' so I can opt to use that if I don't want to dump it outside.

I use so little water for cooking pasta or potatoes that the starch is fairly concentrated...not suitable for washing dishes in but then there's not much of it anyways.

Potato water, btw, is great for mixing in with the juices from a roast or chicken to make gravy with.
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FlowerGirl (12-07-2017)
Once saw an Italian chef on TV who said his secret to great pasta was to boil it in LOTS of water for even cooking.
Here is another solution to consider, use less water.
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Yes, it's considered a basic of Italian cooking to use at least 6 quarts of water for cooking pasta, even if it's for a small portion. 
Not too practical when boon docking, but each to his own.
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(12-07-2017, 03:18 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: I save the water for doing dishes.  it is a little starchy but works fine. 

Would be great for soaking at least.  Maybe rinse with fresh.
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I use Barilla pasta in a blue box that has the word "Pronto" on the label; uses much less water and cooks faster. You use just enough water to cover the pasta and when cooked according to package directions, no (or very little) water is left when it's done. I'm not an expert on pasta but to me it tastes just as good as any other major brand and isn't at all starchy. Less water, less fuel to cook it, little to no draining. I find it at HEB (a Texas food store chain).
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mayble (12-08-2017)
I like pasta because it super easy and something I can cook. But most of my camping is urban camping so water is not something I think too much about. I can use as much as I need and then go fill up the tank somewhere close by.

If I were to start boondocking out on BML land for extended periods I would have to make a major change in my water usage. I would also bring as much as I could possibly carry because the learning curve might be a little steep because the differences are so great.

I don't waste water that's for sure. But I don't worry about how much I use for now.
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