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Hibachi cooking
Actually, baking.  Is it possible to bake in a hibachi?  Just a thought, might have to try it before I hit the road, but if someone else already has, I'd like to hear about your experience.
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Other than roasting meat & veg, too small and close, tinfoil wrapped like a campfire, fine.

Camp Chef and others make pizza add-ons to propane stoves, obviously fine for many breads but prolly not fine control for cakes.
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GypsySpirit (12-08-2017)
Dutch Oven. you can bake anything in a Dutch Oven. highdesertranger
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GypsySpirit (12-08-2017)
Someone gave me one. Just wondered if I could throw a pan of muffins or cornbread in it successfully.
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sure you can do it, all it takes is practice. if you have a muffin pan that fits you could use it. or just put your recipe directly it in the Dutch oven, that's how most do it. highdesertranger
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I think I am missing something here.  Was the original post about baking some how on a hibachi?  I didnt think anything could be cooked in a hibachi.

And HDR is right (from my experience) you can cook almost anything in a dutch oven.

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Just googled and yes dutch oven pizza is a thing.
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Depending on what you're doing, you don't even need a dutch oven. Cast iron skillet with a cast iron lid will work.
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If it's low-cost camping, I'm interested
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GypsySpirit (12-16-2017)

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