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rest areas
I have slept in plenty of them with time limits, never had a problem. but I just pull in sleep for a few hours and leave. highdesertranger
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If you present well as a "citizen", worst case they move you on, never heard of anyone getting fined.

Rest easy
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I've been kicked out of a couple of Florida rest areas after a few hours. It's generally the ones that are crowded and have overnight security. If they aren't crowded or don't have dedicated security guards it's generally not a problem to stay overnight. As mentioned, they'll just wake you up and ask you to leave. Oddly enough the ones I was kicked out of did not have signs saying no overnight parking or specifying a time limit, at least none that I could find.
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Some "Barneys" like to assert themselves and show us travelers who's boss.
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I've slept in several rest areas throughout the western US and have never been bothered or even contacted by police. It's usually pretty obvious that I'm sleeping there too. Never spent more than 8 hours though.
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(12-08-2017, 03:34 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: I have slept in plenty of them with time limits,  never had a problem.  but I just pull in sleep for a few hours and leave.  highdesertranger

I can't see too well at night so can't do that much any more.  I have done that before, though.
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I always try to use highway rest areas (aka safety rest areas) when I do road trips, and have never had a problem...
Then again, I'm using them for their intended purpose and not trying to live there long-term.  

I like them because unlike the side of the road or a Walmart packing lot, you don't look out of place sitting in them all night, so the cops leave you alone.

I've never heard of a rest area that didn't allow overnight parking, but then I'e never looked outside of California.  
Seems odd given they're designed to let you sleep / rest so you don't kill yourself on the road.
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Cammalu (12-09-2017)
A bud who is still working for the Florida Highway Patrol (and his troop includes I-95) told me long ago what has been surmised here...unless you are complained upon for starting trouble, they couldn't care less. As with most cops, if you are the cause of them generating paperwork... you're gone!
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Almost every night I'm in a different rest area. I cycle between the same handful each week. I've even.pushed it to two nights in a row, and a couple times a week in the same spot. Each one says a time limit and no overnight parking. I've been dwelling a year in January, and have never had any issues.
**and to edit - I also know another husband/wife team I cross paths with at these stops pretty often. So I'm not the only one.

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Yeah, it mystifies me why this is apparently an issue in some places.

Here on the west coast, all three states would far rather you pull off and nap than nap while you're driving. Six hour limit, which is plenty of time to recover, and I've never run into anyone timing you either. No campfires, no tents. Cooking with your camp stove is fine. Especially in summer, with lots of people on the road, it can sometimes feel a bit like a slumber party with strangers. The traffic can be a bit loud though.

Night before the eclipse, some of the larger rest areas in Oregon were staffed for the night (they usually aren't.) The one where I stayed is also a put-in/take-out for a popular river, and reaches under the overpass to the other side. The attendant said there were several hundred vehicles there. He wasn't there to enforce the time limit either, but to make sure the restrooms were stocked with plenty of TP and that people were parking in an orderly fashion so no one was boxed in.
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