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rest areas
To be clear - I've never once been approached by a police officer while staying at a rest stop. When I have had an issue it's been from a security guard or person running the info center, and only rarely.
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(12-08-2017, 01:25 PM)hausmutti Wrote: ...but how do the states that welcome overnighters manage to have nice, clean, secure rest areas.

Budget priorities.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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I have seen photo reviews (Near my spots) regarding certain rest areas where police officers had chalked the drivers tires to keep track of how long they were there, but have never seen this in person. In fact rarely ever seen police take time to actually patrol the parking area. Its the speeders and reckless drivers theyre busy with. Then again, I'm cooped up in the back, oblivious to the world Wink Plenty of workers cleaning up, doing trash.. they don't care...

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I have stayed in Food&Fuel rest-stops, both Hy-way and private owned, from Jersey to Florida with no problem. I have stayed at restroom/vending machine stops on most toll roads with no problem. But some have gates across the entry with clear signs posting closing times. Those have a separate area for Big Trucks. I haven't tried staying there. Years ago I had no problem across USA or Canada. But today there are just so many of us.
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Signs posted to allow enforcement should it becomes necessary, makes sense. Vagrants would take advantage and start pitching tents, etc. Stealth is the key + it's good etiquette.
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