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Midnight Brilliant Heating Idea! (or maybe not?)
So I've been doing some more research and it looks like someone is doing this already for homes. I have a bit more research to do, but it looks similar
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my buddy's house in New Mexico is heated that way. it works good however during the winter it must be run 24/7 if you shut it down for any reason it takes forever for it to catch up and heat the house. also when you get a leak it's a huge pain in the ass. they have had a few leaks. highdesertranger
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Most people want heat at night and early in the morning. Not a very good match for solar thermal. I second desertranger’s comments. The problem with radiant systems and most heat pump systems is that they work best when on for long periods of time and they cannot recover quickly. In my case, I sometimes want a bit of heat just in the morning to get to the coffee pot. A propane furnace works great to put out higher temperature warm air for a shorter period of time.

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