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Staying entertained while being stealthy in a car
In April, I am probably going to be homeless, and I'll be living out of my toyota matrix hatchback. I was hoping I'd have a van sorted out but not yet unfortunately! I also have a full time job tying me to the city.

I'm curious how other people in similar situations keep themselves from climbing the walls. I don't plan to be in the car except to sleep, get dressed, maybe read before bed. So the rest of the time I will be mostly outdoors, which might be fine if I didn't already work outside ten hours a day and if April wasn't so cold here or if I didn't burn out on human interaction at work. Mostly if April wasn't so cold, though.

If anyone is in a similar situation, how do you fill and enjoy the time between work and sleep?

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LayWoman for Christ (01-13-2018)
Library, community pool and centers, hobbies, interest groups, sports, going down to Cheers chatting with Cliff and Norm, sunset photography, hiking, reading and writing, learning courses, 10" tablet on the roof watching movies and streaming, rig projects, fantasizing, practicing my salsa moves, national geographic back issues, online learning and exploring, Survivor and GoT, hanging with fellow nomads, trying to avoid the local special people, checking my tire pressure while changing my tie rods and oil, and last but not least, living the moment. Now I need a nap. Wink
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Harmonica (01-19-2018), LayWoman for Christ (01-13-2018), frater secessus (12-28-2017), Vesper (12-23-2017), SondraRose (12-10-2017)
Gym membership? Would be a place to spend time, get in shape, shower, charge phone. Or the Y might have more to offer.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

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It's hard to follow these two comments Smile What makes you happy? In what do you find peace? Or, what do you find exciting? For 40 years I traveled to places looking for work and found that these three questions were with me where ever I went.
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A lot of cafes have comfy sofas these days (including most Starbucks) and they can be a chill place to hang/read/surf the Internet. No need to interact with people once you get your drink and find a seat.

Some museums and art galleries have evening hours if you are so inclined...many are free.


Universities and community colleges offer the most options for public places open late.
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When I car camped, I read a lot on the kindle app on my iPad.  I had earlier joined a club ( which offers daily rather inexpensive books that can be downloaded to your kindle.  So I read a lot.  I did the same thing when I was doing the Alaska trip a while back.  Since the books are downloaded, you don't have to be on the web to read them, which is useful when you are in the middle of nowhere.
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frater secessus (12-28-2017)
Thanks, everyone!

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When I transition into rubber tramping in a few months my ukulele and musical chops will be honed and my doodlin’ and creative proclivities increased.

May I suggest finding a quiet and compact hobby to pursue and jump into with gusto!

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I spend a lot more time at the gym since going full time they I have in my entire life. I joined a nice gym and pay a little extra because the facility is so nice. I'm working out four days a week now. And after each workout I take time to stretch and use a foam roller on my back. I'm in no hurry while I'm there. At the end of each workout I finish with at least 15 min in the steam room. Then it's off to the showers for a luxuriously hot shower.

Some days I go just for a shower but I figure while I'm there I'll do some kind of quick cardio workout before my shower. Full timing it might turn out to be the healthiest thing I ever did for myself.

I also keep a folding bike in my van and find that there are so many nice places to take it out and go for a ride. In the beginning I was worried what I would do with my time but I find the days fly by much faster then when I was sitting around my house doing nothing and mostly wasting my time.

I do still work so that keeps me busy as well. But even without work I would find plenty to fill my days.
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dawnann7 (01-08-2018)
My suggestion for entertainment is the opposite of a gym. I have discovered a service called Movie Pass. For $9.99 a month you can see a movie a day in theaters. I think it would be a great way to get out of the Van for a little bit a few times a week.
-My advice is always worth what you paid for it.
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