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Moisture control
Another pissing contest.
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Agreed, but will any of those devices absorb the moisture that piss is creating?
Take me as I am, or not at all.
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If you're going to go the dehumidifier route then make sure you get something really quiet. Nothing worse than listening to a noisy compressor all night. Desiccant dehumidifiers are some of the quietest options but their limited capacity and higher price tag have made me look in the compressor direction after all. There are some good quiet options here:

and here:
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Calcium chloride desiccants ‘work’, but it all depends on factors like room volume, humidity, temperature, and desiccant volume. If you want to try it, use an open plastic or glass or stainless container (pan, pot, baking dish). CC is very corrosive and will eat/rust through steel pretty fast. That’s true for the granules and the water that they draw off. Don’t let a single granule, or drop of the water, get on the metal of your vehicle! Also, if you’re getting the ‘Ice Melt’ form (pure CC), you have to mix it way down with kitty litter first. If you don’t mix, it will form a solid block and stop working. When your mix gets wet from absorbing humidity, you can bake or microwave it and ‘recharge’ it for reuse countless times. Of course you can’t bake plastic containers so consider that when starting. A better use for CC is to keep dried foodstuffs totally dry in sealed containers, but make sure the CC is in a container that keeps it away from leaching onto the food.
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They're not practical. It would take a LOT of it, and it would need to be changed often. They are simply not designed to work in a volume the size of a van--especially with someone living in it and constantly producing new moisture.

EDIT: The best solution for condensation, always, is better ventilation.

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So, if my front window is wet on the inside in the am, I should crack one of the front windows? It seems dry in the back and I have a window cracked and an electric heater when I’m plugged in.
Thanks for the advice!
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Mariners have fought moisture and condensation for millennia. It destroys ships. Their solution is adequate ventilation and the introduction of dry heat.

Valeriep, if the windshield is getting condensation, then warm moist is condensing on that surface. If you're in a van or motorhome, maybe you can keep that air from getting up there. Otherwise, you might need to open the windows a crack to ventilate that area.
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