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What are you using for bedding?
So, I removed the back seats out of my car and built a platform to sleep on. I then put those foam puzzle piece mats down, and a gym mat. 
My dog is clawing the gym mat apart. So that’s gotta go. 

What should I replace it with? I don’t mind a fairly firm surface to sleep on, but let’s see what you guys are using .
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I think your dog needs disciplining.

Don't know anything comfortable, tougher than real gym mats?
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9” memory foam, 39” X 72” made by the Foam Factory, 16 months now and still very comfortable.
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To start with I agree.... Nothing will withstand the dog... that is a separate problem that needs a remedy

My bed is custom sized, it is standard twin width but only 66 inches long (yes, I am short). I took 3 pillow cases and sewed them together edge to edge with the open end all facing the same direction. Add good quality pillows to each case and you have a mattress that will fold away if need be but won't separate and move all over as you sleep. Depending on your length you may need more than 3 pillows but three worked for me. King made about the right twin width.

google pillow mat and there are a bunch of examples
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dawnann7 (12-11-2017)
6 inch mattress bought online (similar to this one: )
and a sheepswool mattress pad.
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He has separation anxiety and scratches when I’m in the store, we’re working on it, he’s getting much better and doesn’t bark anymore
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dawnann7 (12-11-2017)
I have the same problem with my dog, separation anxiety; he tears things up when I leave.  I built a plywood box for him.  He gets tied into it when I go into a store or am otherwise away for a little bit.  He can move around, lie down, reach his water but can't tear anything else but his box up.  Saves the interior of my truck.

A good quality cover over my foam mattress keeps him from tearing that up also.  He works hard at scratching a nest before he lays down.
 -- Spiff

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Free_to_be_me (12-14-2017)
I did a lot of car camping in my Prius last year.  I had a wooden platform that I used to extend the folded down rear seat up to the front seat.  Then I slept on an air mattress which was inside of a sleeping bag.  I turned the sleeping bag inside out with the air mattress inside.  This way the air mattress smoothed out any lumps in the car and the sleeping bag made the bed feel like a normal mattress.  This allowed my bed to only be only about three inches thick thus saving a lot of space in the sleeping area.  It was quite comfortable.
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I'm in a Prius with a Thermarest Mondo King 3d. 25 x 77 inches. The pad has big R value but the material itself is cold on cold nights. This wouldn't be an issue if using a sleeping bag but I'm not. So, I have a heavy soft yoga blanket on top and then a sheet.  This blanket

The Mondo King is comfy, somewhat custom adjustable and rolls up. With a whole lot of effort. I have successfully gotten it back in its sack.
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