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Considering an RV- need some suggestions/advice
(12-11-2017, 09:03 PM)ZoNiE Wrote: Well, there is that.

About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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Thanks for the responses everyone.

As pointed out, yes, I need something small and nimble to get around cities since I will be primarily stuck in towns/cities for work. Hopefully one day I can say to hell with this job and finally hit the road, but that probably wont be anytime soon. I like the idea of having extra space, but I think a class A diesel pusher would be too much space, and I probably wouldn't utilize all of it. Plus, I simply don't want to drive something that big. A BT Cruiser seems to be the perfect balance of size and space in my eyes and I'm pretty well settled on it, but thanks for the suggestion anyhow. I will be buying used, so price isn't such a big issue provided I can find something nice in my price range. As for a trailer, I'd rather not tow something. My van is only a GMC 1500 to begin with, and with all my crap inside, I am probably close to the weight limit anyway. Not to mention my towing hitch is already occupied by my cargo carrier that houses my generator.

I didn't consider the vehicle bays height at mechanic shops either, so thanks for pointing that out, definitely something to consider. I will continue looking in to this, but at the moment its looking pretty bleak. I may end up just being stuck with the van since I don't want to compromise on my solar. I'll see if I can find the actual roof dimensions of one of these to get a better idea.
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Have you driven a BT Cruiser or other B+ much around the city?
"Nimble" is relative, of course.  As a daily driver, anything 12' tall and 8 1/2' wide will be quite a challenge.
I had a short Class C for a short time.  Sure it was "small enough to fit in a standard parking space", but getting to that parking space without clipping trees, awnings, signs, wires, mailboxes, roof overhangs, etc. was interesting.  A little too interesting for my idea of spontaneous travel.
If you want to test the idea, pick up a cheap, older motorhome and see how it works for you before investing in a nice, newer one.  It's easy to find one for around $5k and most people (other than me LOL) can get their money back when they sell it.
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be happy they did not turn your rv into a "more streamlined version".

edt: posting did not include the quote. it was about a trip to costco.
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The streets around here are not too cramped, and I already drive a large vehicle. I'm not too concerned with the drive-ability of a BT cruiser, at least where I'm going to be stuck. It will fit down streets here just fine.

To revisit the issue though, I am looking at one of these roof racks here:

Seems to be the only sort of roof rack I can find that might potentially work. It says its a universal system that can be mounted to fiberglass. I'm not 100% sure, but I would think 16 inches would be plenty of clearance for the roof mounted AC. How tall IS a roof mounted AC on a BT Cruiser? They also make a version with a 9 inch clearance that may work? This is the same manufacturer of the ladder rack I'm currently using on my van, so I know the quality is good. Unfortunately, it seems the height is fixed on these mounts, as opposed to the one for my conversion van which was adjustable. From everything I can tell, a BT Cruiser is around 10'6' tall, and the 16' mount says the total height with its bars is 23 inches, so about 2 more feet. 12'6 is pretty tall, but I don't think it would be that bad. Still seems less than a semi truck or Class A. I'd still be able to get under all the underpasses here though lol.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Can something like this even be installed on an RV?
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Full-time RV insurance will be more expensive, if you get regular vehicle insurance, be sure to read the exclusions, etc. Full-time RV insurance will give you some "protections" more in line with a house as far as something like liability which can be big. I would look carefully at what "contents" will be covered under regular vehicle insurance. If you are living in it and have a claim and the insurance company wanted to make an issue of it, that could be a problem. Like so many other things, it comes down to personal choice.

The BT Cruiser is very popular. Trail Lite did a very good job on their vehicles. Used prices can be high, watch out for scams in used. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
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