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Responsible Canine Camping
(12-26-2017, 08:24 PM)La Tortuga Wrote: This doesn't seem to be a dog issue at all.  The question is would you want to camp by someone so wound up they spend their time watching out the window to see how many times and were a dog takes a dump instead of enjoying the beauty that surrounds them?  Life's too short.  That would give me a headache too!

Dang... nobody is wound up and nobody is spending time watching out the window. When you go out and immediately step in a pile of poop without having a good hose or way to easily wash it off you might just change your tune. Of course it's not a dog issue - it's a dog owner issue.

It's one thing if you are in the boonies camping alone - let the dogs be free and play but don't let them harass the wildlife. Let them poop wherever. But when you are camping with others things need to change. You now are in a community.
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frater secessus (01-01-2018)
(12-16-2017, 07:14 PM)La Tortuga Wrote: Bob,

Do you have suggestions of where to go if we have dogs?  
I have been in Ehrenberg for over a week,  I have walked my dogs on leash into the camp on several occasions and the only topic of conversation was people being run off because of their dogs.  I have chosen to stay out of camp and to myself as a result.    
This is my first RTR and I want to and need to learn about living in my van.   I had hoped to find open-mindedness and inclusiveness, a tribe.  Instead people are threatening to harm one-anothers' pets.  It's a shame that people bring their drama but argue about other people bringing dogs.

Sadly, I don’t have any solutions. Finding areas where you can camp alone is very easy and is always my preference and first inclination. But, it does the newbies no good. 

Do whatever it takes to keep your dog safe and if he isn’t safe there you may have to leave and find a place he will be.

I’m posting a video today and it will tell you how to find alternatives to Ehrenberg.
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La Tortuga (12-26-2017)
Thanks Bob,
I'll check out the video.  Fortunately, I love time alone.  Usually my goal is to find a place where I can't hear or see my neighbor and I still get 4 bars on my wifi!  (If I dream, I may as well dream big!) If I can meet other like minded individuals in the large groups that's great.  If not I will meet them as I travel.  Large crowds always seem to bring drama.  I can't imagine the stress it would place on me if I were in your position.  Thanks for not throwing your hands up an walking away from the drama large gatherings like the RTR always seem to bring.  I think I'll stay focused on the good that is being done and let go of the rest.
La Tortuga Abides,

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Doggie Diapers. 

About to be 'vanless' after FOUR years...
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