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Been trying to find people that are out here with me to chat with on social media. I had put up several post we no responses I have a friend that is on the east Coast heading this way after Christmas that is saying she's talking to all kinds of people so I don't know if my post are going to the right place or not. I have a social anxiety that makes it hard to meet people face face but I am getting tired of talking to my dogs need some human interaction

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When I am BORED I take a walk, try it Good Luck.
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Hi Jeremiah,

I can relate to the social anxiety.  I'm sure this is a strange idea but have you ever considered posting YouTube videos simply where you relate what you're feeling and wht you've been up to?  I've seen where merely expressing myself is therapeutic and likely your expressions will resonate with many people searching YouTube on topics that you bring up.  

I love being in solitude for the freedom but I also get bored being alone too much.  I definitely hear what you're saying.

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I don't know I don't even like my picture taken pluse im afraid I why would come off as a crazy man liveing in the wilderness by himself lol.

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I get that, no doubt.....but look at the crazy men and women that can be hard to look at that do post essentially their diaries online and they often get 100k+ views.  In other words, their authenticity is their gift to others.  The world is so fake than few actually truly express themselves.   Most are just acting socially acceptable.
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Your 100 percent right on that you see it everyday from house to house to house when you drive thru town people pretending to be happy and content in the debt they have gotten self send to.

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I was watching one nomad driving cross country, simply carrying on a conversation with her video camera, relating her activities and feelings and frustrations. I loved it! A real person!!! How refreshing is that?
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Tried to do a YouTube video but I guess I need wifi to upload it this is the best I can do for now [Image: 35f5fc0475c2c62cdbfe72d43d0efd0a.jpg]

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Here's what I like....your picture shows an intelligent man that is free in more ways that most people can ever realize!

The simple life is the hidden secret to happiness. Everyone is chasing happiness through "stuff" not realizing that "stuff" buries a person, preventing happiness.
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I was wondering how Bob Wells uploads his videos. I've got two online that I uploaded with high speed internet. I'm not sure how he does it.
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