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Folks that make decent income from YT can probably write off the cost of $$$ mobile data.
frater/jason @ Quartzsite
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"I would unite with anybody to do right; and with nobody to do wrong" F. Douglass
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free2enjoy (12-13-2017)
(12-12-2017, 06:39 AM)Jeremiah Diminovich Wrote: Been trying to find people that are out here with me to chat with on social media. I had put up several post we no responses I have a friend that is on the east Coast heading this way after Christmas that is saying she's talking to all kinds of people so I don't know if my post are going to the right place or not. I have a social anxiety that makes it hard to meet people face face but I am getting tired of talking to my dogs need some human interaction

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Hi Jeremiah,

What sort of posts have you put up and where? I know its hard to meet people especially when alot of them tend to have little groups or clicks formed. I guess the real place to actually try and get over your anxiety of people is to go out there and meet some in person. And seeing like you like traveling maybe one of Bobs get togethers would be a good start. Who knows you might even like it.
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I see that you are up near the power lines. Take walks heading North and you will meet a lot of people. Pups on a leash help make great neighbors. When I was younger and single~~~
Trouble rather a tiger in his lair than a sage at his books. To you kingdoms and armies are mighty and enduring, to him they are toys of the moment, to be overturned with the flick of a finger. G Dickson.
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Here's one of my very favorites, "Carolyn's RV Life", and in this video she's describing how she came to making YouTube videos and she even has an e-book about how to do what she's doing....I'm watching it as I'm typing this right now. :-)
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(12-12-2017, 03:45 PM)Jeremiah Diminovich Wrote: Tried to do a YouTube video but I guess I need wifi to upload it this is the 
Such beautiful sky, and beautiful canines. I bet they love being out there. Labs? Your post about needing more interaction than your dogs allow, made me think of the movie Castaway. You need a Wilson. lol. I hope you can upload to youtube, I would subscribe!
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And YouTube (and social media) can help you find your tribe within the bigger tribe. All are tools to say "hello" with. :-)
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This is a video I made a year ago.....not the format for sharing nomadic living, but nonetheless a venture into YouTubing!

It was my way to learn the rope for making and uploading a video.
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