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Colloidal Silver Supplement, Silver Gels, Lung Exerciser, Conductive Socks
I started this business about 4 years ago when I was becoming a bit of a prepper.   I got a transformational education about fiat money, and on a silver stackers forum, I heard about silver as a health supplement and checked it out.   I experienced a powerful and profound detox which led me to see that silver is in fact beneficial.  

When I saw how expensive commercial products are and how crude homemade ones are, I spent a month devouring all the information I could find online about what is the best form of silver for health and how to make it.  I then used my web design and branding experience from other ventures to create my own brand and here it is....

If you've heard of Sovereign Silver, they started with the same silver generators I use and essentially the products are similar if not the same.   What's different is the price and that it's produced with healing intention rather than by employees in a factory.   

I'm about 3.5 years away from nomadic living full time.   Right now, I'm fulltime in my 5th wheel while I continue with my career job that I'm going to retire from when I'm ready for the nomad life.   I'm going to put this business in a Ford Transit medium roof van and live in likely a Lance 19-23' travel trailer and my gf will be fulltime with me.   Her son will be out of high school by then and in the meantime we are going to make practice runs with her truck and T@B while we continue to be students of Bob Wells and all the great people he interviews. :-)

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Colloidal silver can turn you greyish blue and can stop the absorption of important drugs like antibiotics. I don't think it has any place in the medical world, but I know those who think otherwise will never be convinced. Everyone should do their own due diligence and make their own choice.
I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.
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It is easy to make your own for the cost of distilled water, laser pointer, a 12v battery and a 1k resistor and a few alligator clip leads and an initial investment of pure .9999 fine silver. My electrodes are a Canadian silver maple leaf chopped in half. I completely disagree with Every Road Leads Home since we have been using it as an antibiotic for 20 years with great success. I do not ingest it as a daily supplement. I always have it on hand.

Life is tough. Its tougher if you are stupid.
You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

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(12-12-2017, 04:40 PM)Every Road Leads Home Wrote: Colloidal silver can turn you greyish blue...
This is what I thought of when I hear of taking Silver.  Google ingesting silver blue skin.  The guy looks like papa smurph.
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This is too funny... The medical establishment has been parading this same guy out for decades! He made his own CS using tap water full of minerals that generated some really bad silver salts which will end up with the condition that he had(as) called Agria. Not to mention he was ingesting mass quantities on a daily basis! There may be a few other pictures out there on the Web of people with Agria but he is the poster child.(very old pics) There is no money in it for the pharmaceutical industry since you can make your own for pennies!

None of my friends who ingest pure CS on a daily basis that they make themselves for a very long time are blue. (I do not do that except when I have a cold or flu which eases the symptoms and that is only for a few days.) BTW the best stuff for burn victims is a gauze impregnated with silver called silvadane(sp?) and it is the best treatment to keep burn victims from getting infected.

Had a raging ear infection 2 weeks ago and CS knocked it out in 36 hours. No doctor visit and no money spent!

Life is tough. Its tougher if you are stupid.
You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

2017 Dodge Ram 1500 reg cab 5.7L Hemi and 1993 18ft Kit Road Ranger 5th Wheel, 200w solar.
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Hmmmm.....let me check my skin color....nothing blue, just freckles! :-)

The blue guy was a chainsmoker, overweight, died of massive coronary failure, and homemade his colloidal silver with heavily salted water (to speed up the process) and drank it obsessively. He did everything wrong in his approach to silver and to his overall health. His story is used to drive people away from natural solutions.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics kill off the beneficial bacteria which are actually the majority of our immune system. Generally speaking, that an emergency antibiotic would be needed means that other unforeseen errors had been made, including likely a diet devoid of trace minerals, including silver. IMO, people largely are malnourished and much of what they deal with is the result of malnutrition in combination with diets that trigger the constant presence of insulin.

Insulin is the 800lb gorilla in the room, forcing other hormones to take a back seat as managing blood sugar is critical to maintaining life. In other words, the presence of insulin means that the body is in a critical condition that must be dealt with now, not later. That our typical diets include eating all day and eating carbs all day for decades, the end result is disease whether it be diabetes, clogging of the arteries, strokes, etc....

For me the emergency antibiotic is Vitamin C, not silver. I look at silver as prevention and C as the quick fixer. Since I travel as an airline pilot, coming across thousands of people from all over the world each day I'm at work, I'm susceptible to picking up whatever aggressive strains a sick person might have. About once a year I feel the initial stages of Strep Throat and I defeat it EVERY TIME by taking 2-3000mg of C per HOUR and strep never lasts a day. I

learned this about 4 years ago when I watched an M.D. on Youtube that killed pneumonia in 3 hours with 20,000mg of C per hour. My son and I were coming down with strep that day and I came across the video. I used about 5000mg/hour and he used 10,000mg/hour. His strep was gone in four hours and mine was gone in 12.

In my personal life, I don't get colds or flus so far anymore, I'm not blue, etc.... I supplement with silver and always keep a bottle of C around just in case.

A great resource on natural health ideas is Dr. Berg on YouTube. His research is intense, his delivery is warm and easy to understand and his videos are really short. He focuses on intense nutrition, including electrolytes, ketosis, and more. This is his channel....

All the testimonials on my site are authentic, only edited to correct spelling and grammar. My personal experiences with silver and these testimonials don't lead me to believe that I'm going to turn blue! :-) And for me the last thing I'm going to touch is antibiotics unless I'm laying in the emergency room with an infection that is so massive that antibiotics are the only way to save my life.

I also never get flu shots or vaccinations. I don't take any prescriptions.

I've also been learning about water having "memory", about "structured water" and how water in a vortex pulls in free energy from its surroundings. It's making me wonder if my product is not just the silver but the water too? That the water is healed and it helps heal the water in the body, that perhaps a foundational layer of health is the health of the 70-80% of our bodies that is water. Many of my testimonials make sense in the context of this possibility.

I'm happy to answer any questions people might have about silver whether you make your own or not. In the future when I hit the road for good, I plan on giving my product away for free to the people around me. My business is online. I won't be making wherever I camp my business except to process online orders and ship them out. I sincerely enjoy helping and meeting others!
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Colloidal silver is a very good antibacterial agent.

I have used it for years in a topical application.

Anything the pharmaceutical industry cannot patent and sell for inflated price they seek to discredit. Doctors just hand out prescriptions....for drug made by pharmaceutical companies...of course they don't want people knowing about products that they don't make.

The scary thing is that as the prescription antibactics are creating new resistant bacteria the old tried and true ways to handle it are being discouraged at the same time. Resistant pink eye? Use colloidal silver. Simple, quick, cheap and available without prescription. Something guaranteed to upset the pharmaceutical industry
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MRSA is another scary thing to have when relying on antibiotics but with Colloidal Silver it’s easy to cure.
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I've been using colloidal silver for 20 years and vitamin c and swear by both.  I don't take flu shots either.  When I was is the Air Force I was a medic and one year I worked in the shot clinic and we were responsible for flu shots for the whole base.  I had a computer generated list of everyone on base and we signed off when people came.  ALL THE DOCTORS came in and had us sign off for them because they were not taking the shots.  As a result I have never taken flu shots.  Flu shots are all about money.
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free2enjoy (01-04-2018)
In this video, an MD talks about how he cured his pneumonia in 3 hours by taking 20,000mg per HOUR of Vitamin C.

I happened to be coming down with strep throat the day I found this video and so was my son, so we gave C a try. I took 5-6000mg/hour while my son took 10,000. His strep was gone in four hours and mine in ten. I’ve defeated strep five times doing this and also never get flus or colds in general.

For me, I consider silver a micronutrient for prevention and C as the go to emergency antibiotic.
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