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9 190w 36v Solar Panels - South Florida
I bought a pallet of these a few years ago for some projects and now I'm done with them.  All are in excellent condition.  Roughly 3'x5' and 35lbs each.  Buy one or all.  

PM me if interested.

I was going to eventually put 4 on my motorhome but I sold that and when I buy my van, I likely will go with flexible ones for a few reasons.
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Can you post model info or a pic of the back label so folks can look up the specs?

Have you considered putting one lengthwise down the middle of the van?  ~200W seems to be the most common amount of panel on vans.
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Within the week I will be able to post the pic of the label.

If I go with the Transit Van, I really like the idea of flexible panels for ease of installation, light weight, and stealth. I recognize they could be damaged easier.

I also ordered a folding panel of 2x80w for $190. I should have that later this week. I'm going to use that for the T@B trailer and see how it does.
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