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Holy crap it’s cold! What do you do for the trunk?
Good morning. It’s about -13 degrees Celsius outside. The cold woke me up early. My toes/feet are sooo cold they hurt. The rest of my body is fine because it doesn’t lay in the trunk the dog snuggles against me inside my sleeping bag. 

The trunk seems to be the problem. Anyone insulate the trunk of their sedan?? Maybe I could glue reflectix to the foam board insulation and Velcro it? I’m more worried about resale value if I  start gluing things . 

Mind you, my little buddy heater is coming out of storage today. Might not have to worry about it as much once he gets to work tonight. 

Planning to skip winter completely next year and just live in the south for winter.
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Apparently wind chill is -22!
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Yikes! Thankfully you are safe from wind chill inside your car.

Would it help to put extra blankets over your feet area to give them more insulation? Maybe use a hot water bottle. Put some reflectix over the whole back door. Just throwing out a few ideas that come to me.

I will follow this thread with interest as I consider temporarily moving into my own car.
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Get a cheap synthetic sleeping bag, poke holes in it for zip ties to the interior frame of the trunk. Use washers or anything with a hole in it on the zip tie to support the sleeping bag.

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I would get a better sleeping bag or more blankets for over the top of your bag. or even a bivy sack. highdesertranger
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My Mr Heater Little Buddy would be worthless for heating a trunk.  It would be way too hot in a minute then too cold again in another minute.  With the crowded space it would be a fire hazard.  

I would get a cardboard box that is big enough for the half of the trunk where your feet and legs go with enough space for a sleeping bag in the box.  You want the sleeping bag not compressed at all.  Then you can put more insulating stuff on and under the box.  That can be laundry, more cardboard, clothes, food, foam board, anything.  Make sure the box seams are taped.
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F _T_B_M Smile,

I'm no expert, just to be clear ... new (haven't even launched yet!) to the lifestyle as well, but...

I've been looking at 1" foam core insulation at Home Depot. It's about $18 to $20 for a 4' X 8' sheet, and the version I was most interested in had a thermally reflective surface on one side. It looked like it would be easy to cut with a standard box knife or hack saw blade. I'm planning to use Velcro® to hold it in place in my car's windows, but RTV (Silicon Seal) seems like it might be an appropriate adhesive to hold it in place for your application ... ?

I dunno ... jus thinkin' out loud ... which is always risky (and folks at the hardware store look at you funny)! Smile

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I'm thinking that your trunk probably has less insulation below than the inside of your car. Cold seeping from below can be a big problem when trying to sleep warm. That's why plain air mattresses (without a thermal foam core) are a bad idea in the winter. Get yourself some blue or pink foam board and line the trunk floor with it. Some Reflectix will also help reflect your body heat back towards you. Any additional insulation around you will also help as others have mentioned -- better sleeping bag, wool or polyester fleece blankets.

Also, be real careful with that Little Buddy heater. Pay attention to the clearances it requires. I know I couldn't meet the clearances if I had one in my car.

Safe and warm travels!

Solo travel in a Prius --
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insulate that trunk, but also since your feet  are more likely to feel the cold maybe consider some insulated sleeping "booties":

sorry for the long URL! i liked the sales pitch: If they don't keep you warm you may be a zombie
a tag along vagabond, hopefully ftrv by 2020
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In an instance like yours, the best use of Reflectix (which, by the way, IS NOT a magical all-purpose insulator) would be to make a closed-ended tube several layers thick that IS NOT attached to the trunk but is roomy enough for your legs and bedding. It's the AIR GAP that makes Reflectix work.

Feet get cold because there's not a lot of body mass there to generate and hold heat. So you need to supplement the heat somehow or super insulate your feet so that the small amount of body heat they generate is trapped. Maybe LOOSLY (to create air pockets) wrap a down quilt or sleeping bag into a big ball around your feet—before they get cold. Water bottles eventually give off all their heat and get cold, and if things get cold enough they freeze. You don't want to wake up with a block of ice by your feet. The same with hot stones. They eventually become icy stones.
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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